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  Saturday, April 23rd, 2004: StarLock Beta in One Week

      The beta form for StarLock will remain up for a few more days, and then selection will begin for additional testers for the May 1st Beta. Because the game will be developed in five stages (five chapters), the first chapter will most likely open for live, public play following a successful end to this phase of testing. If you plan to participate in the beta, you have very little time left to submit your application.

  Saturday, March 15th, 2003: StarLock Promo Ad

      We've been running this ad at this month, with a click-through percentage better than any results yet. Is it a little early to start hyping a game that isn't even finished for Phase-2 beta yet? Nah. It's good to get the word out!

  Tuesday, February 18th, 2003: BBS Site of Interest + StarLock Screenshots A website called BBSmates is chock-full of nostalgia for everybody who remembers the days when going "online" meant calling up your favorite local BBS, and the internet was not yet widely used. There are voluntary members lists for thousands of old boards, BBS-related links, and more. Check it out!

      8 New StarLock Pics: New screenshots from StarLock have been posted to the screenshots page here. You'll find plenty of recent development news as well.

  Wednesday, January 1st, 2003: In Case You Missed It

      StarLock Slightly Delayed: Those of you who have been keeping an eye on StarLock know that the January 1st launch date has been pushed back. Currently, I'm tentatively shooting for March this year. This has been such a huge project and I have had so many unforseen distractions, development has been slow-going. November's closed beta testing was successful, and has proven that the engine itself works fine (whew), but has resulted in a lengthy to-do list. Plus, I have to add tons of quests and flesh out the story (yes, still). I've recently been receiving quite a few emails asking when it's going to be ready, so I know there is already a big fan base just waiting for the day to come. Please continue to be patient, and I promise, our next online gaming project will strive to be far less ambitious. :)

  Tuesday, September 3rd, 2002: StarLock is Just Around the Corner

      StarLock News and More: The beta and release schedule for StarLock was announced recently. Beta applications will be accepted starting October 1st (look for an announcement at the offical page, when the time comes), with closed testing to start November 1st, and the public launch slated for January 1st (if testing goes well). Links have also been posted to plenty of articles and exclusive interviews posted at other game news sites around the Web - some lengthy reads, but great for anybody wanting more StarLock and Prowler Productions info. Read more at the StarLock Home Page.

      Lunatix Review Contest: It's not quite too late to get in on the review contest, for a chance to win one of several Lunatix Online subscriptions. More information on how to take part was posted to the Lunatix forum in this message.

  Thursday, July 25th, 2002: Long Time, No News - Here's an Update!

      World at War News: World at War, the turn-based strategy game from Blue Dragon, is no longer hosted by Prowler Productions. However, it's still alive, well, and better than ever on its own server here. Enjoy!

      Lunatix Online News: Amazingly, Prowler Productions' flagship game continues to grow, with more then 2400 accounts registered and almost 300 paying subscriber accounts. In a day when players still demand free, free, free, a browser-based game with this many subscribers is very successful. If you have not already tried Lunatix Online, play here. Part of the recent growth comes from a very well-received, redesigned tower ad, which has been used at MPOGD as well as TopWebGames. Lunatix also received a very favorable review at MPOGD last month. It's not uncommon to see upwards of 30 players online at once, with 50 or more on during some peak hours (right after midnight, for one).

      StarLock News: It's frustrating enough to underestimate the difficulty involved in developing a game... it's even worse to overestimate the amount of free time available to work on it. Such has been the case with StarLock, in a seemingly endless series of on-again, off-again development cycles. Already a year past-due, the present plan is for beta testing later this year, with a full launch by December. This is still a very tentative schedule, as so much else draws away the time that could otherwise be invested in StarLock development. The initial launch will most likely be the beginnings of an epic, with all the undone areas being added as it grows. Check the StarLock page for udates on progress.

  Monday, December 10th, 2001: What's Going On at Prowler Productions

      First, we had to stop hosting The Colonies several weeks ago due to high loads placed on our server, and almost no new Lunatix Online business as a result. They're still running though, with different hosting, and I encourage anybody interested in browser-based strategy games to go check it out.

      Second, StarLock is still in development. A "hopeful" beta test date of December (now here) is evidently impossible. On the bright side, some important decisions concerning the subscription model have been made. People will be able to play StarLock for free, on an account that doesn't expire. There won't be a "free" trial. Players will be awarded free play time each day, and may optionally purchase more time (or a subscription). For more information, check out the FAQ.

      Third, I already have ideas for two new games. One would be perfectly suited for browser-based play. The other would make a very unique online multiplayer action/adventure game. Until StarLock is completed though, both ideas have to remain on the shelf. The success of our current project will have a lot to do with the direction we take next.

  Sunday, July 22nd, 2001: Hosting Another Game; Advertising; More!

      Prowler Productions is happy to announce that we're now hosting another browser-based multiplayer game, The Colonies.

      We're finally giving "advertising" a shot, on what's probably the best site for independent game listings and news coverage ( We started with two banners for Lunatix Online (LUNATIX1 and LUNATIX2), but found that the second banner was getting twice the clicks as the first one. A few visitors of our forum also indicated they liked the second one best, so we removed LUNATIX1 from the rotation. Because everybody seems to like "free" stuff, we're also adding a banner for The Prowler Portal which can be seen HERE.

      For those who are curious, yes, StarLock is still in development. It has been my primary focus for many months. As always, it's coming along nicely but nothing has been set for a release date (or even an exact open beta date). The official page needs an update, which has simply been less of a priority than actually working on the game. Some of the new developments include MIDI (probably the first/only browser game with an original musical score - let alone music at all) which can easily be disabled for those who prefer a quiet game. More graphics -- Improvements to the engine -- It's becoming more MUD-like, and should really appeal to fans of RPG, MUDs, Sci-Fi, and Interactive Fiction.

  Sunday, July 8th, 2001: New Online AND Offline Games
      I wrote a game called WaterQuest (Legend 1: The Journey to LifeLake) more than 10 years ago, during the second semester of my first year of college. This is a cool, challenging, single-player EGA action/adventure game which has just been gathering dust on a diskette (literally), unreleased before now. I had planned to sort out some data space problems that prevented it from being "compiled" into a stand-alone .exe game (so that it wouldn't require the QBASIC.EXE interpreter). Well, I've finally decided just to release it as-is. You can download the full version of WaterQuest 1 (complete with source code) from my Games page. Click the image below to view a page of screenshots.

[WaterQuest 1 (ScreenShots)]

      You'll need QB.EXE (or QBASIC.EXE, available for free from Microsoft) to play, as well as a utility such as Mo'Slo (or SLOWDOWN.COM, which is included) to slow down a DOS window on today's MUCH faster computers to emulate a 25Mhz machine. See the README.TXT first for information. Run the game via the WQ1.BAT file. I hope somebody out there might find this game enjoyable, even though it's old and outdated. Although it's difficult at first (two hits and you die), you'll find items to help protect you (to withstand 4 hits, and finally 8 hits), you'll learn to fire at (or avoid) monsters, and if you're brave enough, you'll find the fabled LifeLake! Remember to find and use the "SAVE" huts!

      Also available now, as mentioned previously, is the Open-Source game BlackNova Traders. Prowler Productions is hosting a copy being run by Morkeleb. Check it out, and see if you've got what it takes to become a master trader, and dominate the galaxy!

[BlackNova Traders]

  Thursday, June 21st, 2001: All the web-gaming you can handle - and MORE!
      We've just moved (again) to a new server. Now, instead of sharing a powerful system's resources with 20 or 30 other high-traffic sites, we have full use of a dedicated server that's even more powerful than the previous shared one! The move was pretty fast, all things considered, at around three days to move and configure the entire site and all the games. So far, things are zooming! This is the major step we needed to make in order to have the resources to launch StarLock later this year. This also means lag-free play for every game we host! We couldn't do this without the subscription income from Lunatix Online, so if you're here for the free games, please give Lunatix a look as well (you do get ONE two-week free trial period - no obligation - to check it out).

      We've recently traded links with The Violet Sector, a very cool web-based multiplayer game from The Vision Studios:

Their site states:

The Violet Sector is a FREE multi-user, multi-platform turn based game. Join a legion and battle against other players all around the world for domination of the galaxy! Strategise and team up with friendly pilots to dominate sectors and hyper to new areas to beat the enemy.

      In other big news, Morkeleb is about to set up and administer an Open Source game called "Black Nova Traders" (appearently a web-based game similar to and inspired by the classic TradeWars BBS game). Look for this game to be added to the Prowler Portal soon - he's hosting it here - sponsored by Prowler Productions and Lunatix Online.

      We also want everybody to know that StarLock is still in development. We are expecting to begin beta testing within a few months - perhaps by late summer or early fall (nothing definite though). A bigger, official update will be posted to the StarLock page (with new screenshots and info) soon. I doubt any other browser-based game has been in development for so long. Most browser-based "space" games are heavily slanted toward strategy (build up a base, attack, take over the galaxy). StarLock isn't like that at all. As an RPG, it takes much more time to plan and develop than a strategy game. We're certain it will be worth your wait, and something unlike anything you've seen before. :)

      If you're a Lunatix Online player - or if you've EVER played, we have big news. In Spring 2002, the first-ever REUNION will be held in Wichita Kansas (the home of Prowler Productions). Many players are already excited, making plans to attend. For a game with a comparatively small player base, the response to this has been wonderful! For all the details, keep an eye on the offical reunion site. at the link above.

      With the distribution of our last batch of t-shirt prizes, we're now offering a variety of other prizes to Lunatix Online winners. Beat the game and take your pick from cool Lunatix ball-caps, mouse pads, or desk clocks (my personal favorite). Although t-shirts are no longer offered as prizes, you still have the option of picking 2 free months of subscription time as your prize. The Prize Page will be updated soon to detail and display these new prizes. As a bonus, when you pick a prize (except for free time), you get a couple of bonus freebies.

  Saturday, February 24th, 2001: New Lunatix T-Shirts: WIN or BUY ONE!
      We're pleased to announce our new T-Shirt design. A small batch will be printed soon, to give away as prizes to those who win the game (our last batch has been reduced to a single medium shirt and two larges, of the original “plain” styles 1 and 2). Approximately 15 of these new shirts will be printed to give away as prizes. When these are gone, we will no longer be offering T-Shirts as prizes. However, we plan to substitute their absence with other prizes, such as mouse pads. Scroll down past the shirt logo images for information about how you can BUY your own t-shirt!

Front (small image with Smileys) and Back (large advertising-style image) of the new T-Shirt!

      Scared that there won't be any shirts left by the time you win? Or, want to own one now without waiting until you win? Now's your chance. For a VERY limited time, you can reserve a shirt of your own. We're taking orders from now through Wednesday, February 28th. Because this is planned to be our FINAL batch of Lunatix T-Shirts, we're going to add any orders we receive to the batch we request from the printers (15 as prizes, plus any that are ordered through the end of the month). If you want one, order now!

      To order a shirt of your own, you will need to pay using PayPal (purchase by credit card). If you've been a paying Lunatix subscriber for a few months and would prefer to pay by mail, contact for information about getting your order to us in time. The price is $20 per shirt (order as many as you like, but we can't offer any discounts). This is expensive for a T-shirt, we know. However, you get a FREE MONTH of Lunatix Online time for each shirt you purchase -- a good deal if you were going to add a month to your subscription anyway.

      You have to purchase by 2/28/2001 to reserve your shirt. The following day (March 1st), the order will be taken to the printers. When you order, make sure you tell us your name and mailing address, what SIZE of shirt you want (Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large), your Lunatix character name, and mention that the $20 payment is for the Lunatix T-Shirt offer. Feel free to email us if you have questions.

      Although we don't plan to offer T-Shirts as prizes once this new batch is gone, we may still occasionally sell more. If this offer has expired, email us for information about the possibility of putting in a future Lunatix T-Shirt order.

  Friday, January 26th, 2001: New Version of JabberChat - 1.1a
      Our JabberChat Perl CGI real-time web-based chat script has just been updated to version 1.1a, which now works with Netscape 6. We're sometimes asked why a "freeware" program such as this costs $25 to license. That's easy, when you think about it. Software under BSD or GPL licensing is designed to be modified, re-used, and distributed free of charge. Don't confuse this with freeware. Freeware is rarely public domain. Freeware is copyrighted software made available "for free" in its original form. JabberChat isn't "shareware" either (which would imply that a fully-featured version must be purchased). The $25 license fee for JabberChat is to obtain the rights to make modifications to the script, its graphics, and related files. Think about it this way. If you download a freeware video game, you don't have to pay to use it, and you don't have to pay to obtain a "full" version. However, you aren't allowed to edit the binary to remove the author's information, add features or fix bugs, or make other changes (unless the author has granted permission to do so). The same is true of JabberChat. Since the script is essentially a collection of source code, it's easier to make changes -- in fact, it may even be tempting to do so. Please remember that unless you've purchased a license, it's illegal -- and smaller companies feel the effects of piracy, perhaps moreso than the big boys.

  Wednesday, January 24th, 2001: More Navigation Bar Goodies
      I'm almost finished with the new user-friendly site design. I've added a poll in addition to the site search, plus the best links for additional information about the different things we've "specialized" in from time to time (BBS games, web games, Dink Smallwood D-Mods, etc).

      The Dink Smallweb page has been removed, although its contents (D-Mod zips, the FAQ, the Forum, The Dinkanoid High Score List, etc) remain in case anybody is linked to it. The "change" will be that the news will be archived on the "old news" page, and the main page will redirect to this site. I'm glad to have contributed to the success of Dink Smallwood by coining the term "D-Mod" (yep, that was me), providing the first-ever 3rd party D-MOD (Scar of David), writing an authoring FAQ, providing a start-up skeleton D-MOD, and making other contributions (encouraging others, answering questions, a forum, etc). It's been fun, and while one never knows what the future may hold, our other new projects (such as StarLock) require our attention. Instead of leaving a dead site sitting around, it's better to provide links to GOOD information (I've done this on the navbar here).

      If you are interested in linking to the Dink Smallweb for the purpose of "nostalgia" or so people can read and enjoy our old news, link to This is esentially the old Smallweb home page renamed. Make sure you note that the page is now "archived" and that no further updates are planned.

  Tuesday, January 23rd, 2001: Good Links Added
      I have added numerous links on the navigation bar, to good Game, CGI script, and Interactive Fiction (adventure game) sites. I also plan to add a section for BBS games. I wanted to provide these for the various types of people who visit our site -- whether you're interested in our BBS games, web games, games like "The Insanity Circle," or CGI scripts.

      True to my recent comment on the StarLock page about the utter lack of respect people tend to have for web-based games, I came across this topic on the MPOGD.COM forums. The person in the message later comments:

You see, I believe people that work hard in making an online (non web based) game have put more effort into it GFX and gameplay wise...

      Grrr.... Say that web-based games don't have the appeal that you want, but DON'T say they don't have as much effort put into them. That's not always the case.

  Saturday, January 20th, 2001: Gambit's Maze Factory is READY!
      Gambit's Maze Factory is now online, and already features dozens of cool mazes for your enjoyement. What many have found even more fun than playing is creating mazes to add to the maze library. Try it. It's free!

      Development of StarLock continues, despite the lack of a recent update to the official page. Before the game launches, the site will probably be redesigned anyway.

      Frequent visitors of this site may notice that the look has changed. Enjoy!

  Thursday, November 16th, 2000: PipeLine, 2-Player Strategy Game, PLAY FREE!
      PipeLine is now available for play. Beta testing is almost finished, and we're not anticipating another full game reset -- so join now! Game play is totally free (additional features are available to subscribers of Lunatix Online). Be sure to read the instructions if you're not already familiar with how to play.

  Tuesday, October 3rd, 2000: Web Game News. World at War, Pipeline, & More!
      As we mention at the bottom of the Prowler Portal, we're always ready to host new web games at our site, even if we didn't develop them. This helps bring more attention for other developers since the Prowler Portal is already actively visited. It helps us too, by bringing more content for your enjoyment. Blue Dragon has brought his multiplayer strategy game World at War to the Prowler Portal. Those of you who remember the BBS game “Global Wars” will already know how to play. Global Wars was based on the board game “RISK.” Take over the world by moving and attacking with your troops.

      Blue Dragon has made World at War available to you FOR FREE! Join one or more turn-based games now. Even though games can go slow if all players aren't readily available to take a turn, it's no problem when you're involved in multiple games. Take your turn in each!

      Anna and Steven have been pretty busy with other things, bringing StarLock development back to a crawl. I'm sure this is disappointing news to many. However, it will be finished... soon... I think. A big portion of the “guts” of the engine work great. Many months of development are already behind us. Don't worry -- just wait as patiently as possible.

      To pass the time productively, I've have started working on a new 2-player strategy game for the web, called Pipeline. I'll launch an official Pipeline website soon. I think it will be fun and addicting. It's based on a pen-and-paper game I loved as a kid. The web version will feature the ability to join/start multiple games, play turn-based, and possibly chat. I haven't decide what other features to add, yet.

      We're considering offering licensing to people who'd like to add web games to their site. We already license Lunatix Online (it's very expensive) to other gaming sites (pay for play), and we're considering licensing/selling Pipeline, Solitary Confinement, maybe the Lexter games, and even new projects to other sites. Depending on the size of the game, they could be very cheap to purchase ($10 to $25), or even free (with some games having a free “shareware” version lacking all the features of the full version). If you run a game site -- or any kind of web site where you'd like to add games for your visitors -- please email and let me know! I'd like to get feedback on how popular web games might become.

  Monday, September 25th, 2000: CoCo Quest Updates
      I've been updating the CoCo Quest site quite a bit recently. I've added thumbnail pictures for most of my CoCo 3 games, as well as 5 full “disk images” containing the remainder of my old CoCo games (at least, the ones I've found so far). I've even put several adventure map scans online there. If you remember the Radio Shack Color Computer (TRS-80), go check it out! These days, emulators are available to “mimic” them right on your PC or Mac! The CoCo (Color Computer) is vintage, classic computing at its finest! Check out the first games I ever wrote, 10 to 13 years ago!

  Monday, July 24th, 2000: Lunatix.NET Operating Without License
      Brandon Burch of GKC Designs has refused to discontinue using our Lunatix Online software despite repeated warnings and notices that his license has been revoked for breach of contract. Instead of removing the game as we asked, only the new player sign-up screen is gone (appearently to prevent people from being notified that they're operating illegally). If you are a subscriber at, you should be aware that you are paying to use pirated software, and that your subscription money is being paid to an individual/company who is profiting illegally from our program. Because many people have gotten confused over the difference between the two sites, remember that is where the illegal one is located -- is our own site, and we invite you to come play here. :)

  Sunday, July 23rd, 2000: We're Also WWW.ProwlerProductions.COM
      This site is now accessible using It's a secondary domain name we've added (we're not getting rid of You don't have to use the new one to get here. It's longer to type, after all, but it seemed to make sense for making it more “intuitive” to find our company site. Either will work.

  Sunday, May 14th, 2000: StarLock Development Has Continued
      Once again, development of StarLock has continued. Prowler Productions' follow-up to Lunatix is poised to set a new standard for web-based gaming. We're often asked if it's like other “space” games already out there. It isn't. You've probably noticed that they're often cookie-cutter games, showing very little originality, having no purpose other than to destroy the universe. You've never seen a game like StarLock, which is why we have to keep most of the details very secretive at this stage in development -- but stay tuned!

    Thursday, March 9th, 2000: More About PayPal - $10 For Free!
Quite a few people have already taken advantage of this PayPal offer using our referral link. I think there is still some confusion, so I hope this answers your questions.

1) Most importantly, PayPal is easy to use. Very easy. Don't be scared.
2) You do not have to subscribe to Lunatix. You can still get $10 for free.
3) See #2. PayPal is offering you $10 even if you never intend to buy!
4) You need a credit card for verification only..
5) Your card is only charged if you spend more than the initial $10.
6) You don't have to buy anything. You can just cash out! See #2.
7) Unfortunately, the offer is only good for US residents right now.
8) There aren't any hidden charges. Using PayPal actually is free!
9) To see what the Wall Street Journal says about PayPal, click here.
10) Take a look at some of the uses for the PayPal service.
11) To get started, use our referral link.

    Monday, March 6th, 2000: New Credit Card Site & More!
Want $10? For free? Use our PayPal referral link to sign up for this new, free service that allows you to transfer money to anybody with an email address. It sounds like a scam, but (thank goodness) it isn't. For a limited time they're giving you (and us) $10 just to make an account there. The best thing is, it's free (no fees or charges). If you play Lunatix Online and you plan to use a credit card to subscribe, we are now using PayPal exclusively for these orders. When creating your account, make sure it shows as your referral.

Do you remember the classic Radio Shack / Tandy Color Computer? I grew up on the COCO2 and COCO3. Well, I've launched the CoCo Quest web site to look for all the games I wrote over a decade ago. Check out this page on classic computing!

Finally, our Solitary Confinement beta went well. Actually, nobody reported anything at all. The two bugs fixed were ones we found ourselves. So, it's bug-free? Must be. Nobody replied to tell us what kind of computer they use and the game's speed and performance either, so I guess it worked for everybody on every system.

    Saturday, February 26th, 2000: Solitary Confinement
We've done it again! We've brought another great game to the web. Check out Solitary Confinement, now in open beta phase. Let us know what kind of results you have so we can fix any bugs and figure out what minimum system requirements we should recommend. Correspond with about it.

Special thanks to BetaZine for helping us spread the word about the S/C testing phase. If you've never checked out their site, you should! BetaZine is a great place to find out about current and upcoming game betas and tests in which you may participate.

    Friday, February 11th, 2000: The Prowler Portal
Prowler Productions has just launched The Prowler Portal, a front-end site for our web-based games (Lunatix Online, Lexter, StarLock, etc). We're now able to offer Froggy Racing (a multiplayer web-based CGI game developed by Robert Fogt of BlueSparks) as part of the Prowler Portal. You can try Froggy Racing as a guest (your game doesn't get saved), or use your Lunatix Online name/password to play for real. Remember that since you're only allowed one character in Lunatix Online and that you just get a single 2-week free trial there, the same is carried over to Froggy Racing.

Are you a web game developer who'd like to get more exposure for your company or web site, or do you need a place to host your game for free? Prowler Productions is seeking partnerships with web game developers to add more content to The Prowler Portal. If you have (or are developing) an original, fun web-based game and would like to learn more about partnership opportunities with Prowler Productions, send email to

    Tuesday, January 25th, 2000: Cupid-Slayer Is Here!
Alright, this is one of the silliest and strangest games I've ever made. You must save humanity by defeating the evil angel of Love. Playing is simple (just click, click, click) but winning can be difficult. Battle Cupid on 5 levels to save the world. Cupid-Slayer is completely FREEWARE. If you like it (and even if you don't) we encourage you to send it to all your friends! There is nothing to install. Just run cupid.exe and away it goes! You'll need Windows 95 or Windows 98 (Windows 2000 and Windows NT might work too). You'll need the runtime library “MSVBVM50.DLL” which should already be in your c:\windows\system directory. Anyway, click here to download Cupid Slayer 1.0 and have fun with it!

    We wanted to release this in time for Valentines day. Now, it's back to work on other projects such as Lexter 3 (mentioned below) and our upcoming StarLock online SCI-FI RPG.

    Tuesday, January 4th, 2000: The Year 2000 Is Here!
Ok, if you're going to go by a calendar, at least get it right. :) While the Year 2000 is a pretty cool thing (and a great excuse to party) it's not the new millenium just yet. What's in store for you from Prowler Productions this year? We do plan to complete and open StarLock, our next big web-based multiplayer game. We also have a few other smaller ideas -- some just-for-fun games like The Insanity Circle last year.

Click any of these three pics to see the full-size screen shots from
a very early alpha-version of Lexter 3, to be released soon.

One of these just-for-fun games is second sequel to our classic puzzle game Lexter. We're giving this challenging puzzle concept game a face-lift by expanding the top-down view to show a better sense of depth. Lexter 3 (available only for Windows 95 or higher) will also include some new levels and new features. Lexter 3 will be freeware, possibly with puzzle expansion pack (priced cheap) available. Stay tuned for details, and information on how you can become a Lexter 3 Tester.

In the meantime, brush up on your puzzle-solving skills by playing any of our six existing Lexter games! The original Lexter is DOS-based (written in early 1993) and can be downloaded HERE. The DOS-based sequel, Lexter 2 (written in late 1993) can be downloaded HERE. Three additional Lexter games (Lexter, Lexette, and Lex Junior) are available for online WEB-based play at our Exertion Javascript Games site. Our last Lexter-style puzzle game, called BillyBob is available HERE and was designed for Windows 3.1 but works ok with Windows 95/98 too. It was our first stab at a Windows-based Lexter game in late 1994 and is still pretty fun today. Several other stand-alone DOS and Windows games are available at our GameZips page. Many of them are quite old and very outdated by todays standards, but they're all free!

    Thursday, December 2nd, 1999: StarLock Development
The S.A.G.E. project has been temporarily suspended as we focus our efforts on StarLock once again. StarLock is our 2nd web-based RPG/Adventure. Unlike Lunatix Online (which is our first), this one has a heavy sci-fi theme with wide rendered scenes and gameplay that spans thousands of locations. Visit the StarLock web site to check in on our progress frequently!

    Monday, November 15th, 1999: A New Free Game For You!
It's the final day of voting in the 5th annual Interactive Fiction Competition. Now, Lunatix: The Insanity Circle is available to the public... FOR FREE! Download the game HERE or read more about it (and see the screenshot thumbnails) HERE by looking in today's news (11-15-99). Let us know what you think, and if you get stuck and need a hint, let us know that too!

    Monday, October 25th, 1999: Our SAGE Site Is Open.
Before you ask, no we haven't abandoned StarLock. It's true that development has been paused over the last few months, but it isn't dead. With that said, welcome to our new project - SAGE. Visit the official site at SAGE will be available initially for Windows (95/98/NT), but will later be ported to the web so SAGE games can be enjoyed online as well.

    Saturday, October 16th, 1999: Play and Vote on Adventure Games!
Here's something for everybody who remembers (or would like to try) Interactive Fiction (those text games where you move around by typing “N” to go North, “Get Book” to pick up a book, and “Read Book” to read it). The 5th annual Interactive Fiction contest is currently underway. You can play 37 free adventure games and all you have to do is cast a voting score (1 to 10) on at least five of them by November 15.

Most of the games require an interpreter to run (TADS, Inform, or Alan). Basically this is an "engine" which you can download for your computer (most are available for PC's, Macintosh, Unix, and more) to run the games. The official contest site at has the information you'll need to play these games as well as the offical rules for judging them.

The competition games are available from any of these sites:

Note that the competition is sponsored by the and internet newgroups, not Prowler Productions.

    Wednesday, September 15th, 1999: Lunatix: The Insanity Circle
Other projects (StarLock, Pro-Seek) have gotten sidetracked temporarily while Mike Snyder works on an adventure game (nowdays known as “Interactive Fiction”) for submission in the 5th annual Interactive Fiction competition (COMP99). If you remember adventure games from days gone by (Zork, Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Collosol Caves, and dozens of others) then you know what I'm talking about. Adventure games are (surprisingly) alive and well with many new ones being released all the time (the biggest, most comprehensive repository for downloading adventure games is I've also been hanging out a little in two Interactive Fiction newsgroups: (for adventure players) and (for adventure authors).

    Tuesday, August 31st, 1999: CGI Scripts Are Available!
Our CGI Voting Booth “ProwlerPoll” is now available for download at We've also started on a brand new free script to help make your web site better. Get all the info on this new project at A CGI Scripts page has also been added to link to our cgi programs at

    Saturday, August 28th, 1999: Prowler-Pro.Com Is Back!
We were never really gone but our domain name took much longer to transfer than anticipated (our technical contanct info at Internic had gotten changed somehow). However, it's back and working again now. If you notice any broken links to pages at our sites, please send email to and let us know about it.

    Sunday, July 25th, 1999: Introducing “Prowler Poll”
It's not quite ready for public release, but our new Prowler Poll Perl CGI program is running and can be seen on the navigation sidebar here. We expect to have it finished shortly and we'll make it available for free download. You'll be able to easily add your own poll/voting questions to your web sites!

    Wednesday, July 21st, 1999: Our Info Page
An About Us page has just been added. It contains links to personal info pages for Mike Snyder, Anna Kasl, and Steven Tucker. If you're interested in finding out more about the people behind the games, visit it! At this time, the only personal page with any info is Mike's, but the others will be added.

    Tuesday, July 20th, 1999: Added Shilla to Links Page
We just traded links with the web-based fantasy RPG “Shilla II” at and added the shilla banner to our banner exchange script and listed the site on our links page.

    Saturday, July 17th, 1999: Lunatix Online “Actions Contest”
It seems like everybody has good suggestions for “actions” to add to Lunatix Online (and JabberChat). To help encourage those creative thoughts, Prowler Productions has just announced an “Actions Contest.” Read all the info at the Lunatix Online Official Web Site.

    Saturday, July 17th, 1999: New Links Page Added
A better links page has been added. Not only does it list the other sites we've traded links with, but it also includes information on emailing us with a link exchange request. We are particularly interested in linking to other web games and online gaming sites.

    Saturday, July 17th, 1999: Two New Game Sites Linked
Two sites recently contacted us for trading links. ArchMage is a free multiplayer web-based RPG, reportedly very active! Black Dragon Software is the home of "The Magic of Vitael" DOS-based RPG. Banners from both sites have been added into our Banner Exchange script for better exposure.

    Tuesday, July 14th, 1999: Brand New: JabberChat
Prowler Productions has just released a free CGI-based (Perl) program for chatting on the web! While it's not a new idea by any means, we think JabberChat is unique among its competition and very worthwhile. If you run a web site and you're allowed to upload CGI programs (like hit counters, guestbooks, or whatever) then you can probably run JabberChat. Go ahead and demo it now, and download your free copy from the JabberChat web site!

    Tuesday, July 14th, 1999: Prowler Productions - A New Look!
The look of the Prowler Productions home page has changed some. The new layout should be easier to navigate now. We've placed a random link exchange banner at the top of the page for better exposure for sites which link back to us (this is in addition to being listed on our links page). Trade links with us!

--- Thursday, June 17th, 1999 ---

     Lunatix Online Server Licensing Now Available: Licensing is now available for our Lunatix Online web-based multiplayer RPG. For additional information see the licensing page. Direct your inquiries via email to

     StarLock Development: After a 2-month delay in development, the StarLock project is underway again. Check out all the latest info on this exciting web-based game -- and visit often!

--- Sunday, March 7th, 1999 ---

     Official StarLock Web Site: Check out the official StarLock home page at and bookmark it! Development of our second web-based RPG has begun! Stay tuned in the weeks and months ahead as we bring this new world to life.

--- Wednesday, March 3rd, 1999 ---

     Our Next Game: Since our current project (Lunatix Online) is nearly finished (only a few minor things remain to be done), we're now in the planning stages of our next online multiplayer game. Not much has been determined, and nothing has been coded yet, but it will be Sci-Fi. StarLock will be available for play at no additional charge. A subscription to Lunatix will be a subscription to StarLock as well -- how cool is that??

Development of “StarLock” will begin soon and we anticipate having a playable beta online sometime in the summer. Stay tuned for more information about it, including a new web site to chronicle its progress. After this, we have the concept for a third web-based game as well!

     Go Play Lunatix: If you haven't already tried it, go to now and check out Lunatix Online: Global Insanity Crisis. After many months of hard work, we're finally putting the finishing touches on it! Feedback has been very good so far! We're told that this is the MOST entertaining web-based game some people have ever played. This is very encouraging, and we hope to continue this success with StarLock. Until then, be sure to check out Lunatix Online.

[Lunatix Online: Official Web Site]

--- Tuesday, December 8th, 1998 ---

     Check It Out! Here it is... Lunatix Online, Global Insanity Crisis. Our web host has been having problems for more than a week now, so there are currently unavoidable, unpredictable periods of downtime. We expect this to be resolved (permanently) soon.

Partly because of the recent server down-time, and partly because it will still be undergoing beta development until around the end of December, we have extended the free trial week to a full FOUR weeks. This is only temporary though. The standard new player trial week will return later this month.

     Two Possible Directions: As mentioned in the 10-24-98 update, we have two possible projects to consider after the completion of Lunatix Online. If LOGIC (Lunatix Online) does well, we have an awesome idea for a follow-up game... not a sequel, but a brand new web-based game that should have all the makings of another hit. We don't plan to release any information about this idea or the plot yet, but it's just as zany as Lunatix.

If, however, LOGIC does not meet with the same success we've seen in the two BBS versions (Lunatix BBS Door Game and Lunatix for Worldgroup), we have a concept for a stand-alone RPG/Adventure game, possibly with Internet multiplayer ability. Both are large new projects, not remakes of any of our older games, but at the current time we haven't decided which one to begin after the completion of Lunatix Online.

     MajorBBS/Worldgroup Page Links Fixed: WOOPS! Some of the file links on our Worldgroup Games page had not been updated and were... well... broken. We believe they're all fixed now. Sorry for the confusion.

--- Tuesday, October 24th, 1998 ---

     Lunatix Online will be OPEN Soon: It won't be finished finished, as in completely finished for a while, but only because we're planning to add new features that have never been available in the BBS versions. Also, IGM (add-on) support is going to take some thought in order to make it take advantage of the multiplayer abilities. However, the game has been in testing for over three weeks now with very good results. Local Graphics work great and speed up the game play quite a bit. The final downloadable graphics ZIP is expected to be around 2 Megabytes.

Due to some unfortunate snags, LOGIC will not be compatible with Netscape 3.0 as was originally planned. It's currently 100% compatible with Netscape 4 and about 95% compatible with MSIE 4 (the 5% incompatibility is from things like the window.scroll() method and the ability MSIE gives to click multiple links even while a CGI is loading).

     Yes, We Will Offer Franchising: Since we've had several inquiries about Lunatix Online franchise specifics, we'll work out the details soon. We plan to target it at $450 to other gaming sites for a 150-user version (1 instance). $700 for an unlimited user version (1 instance), $800 for a 200-user version (up to 3 instances). Or, $1,000 for an unlimited user version, up to 3 instances. None of this is absolute, and we'll need to sit down and solidify the specifics soon.

     What's On the Horizon? We expect to be working on Lunatix Online even into the beginning parts of 1999, mainly because of the new features we're planning to add and the prospect of “bugs” that will crop up from time to time and need fixed. After this, nothing is decided. If LOGIC takes off really well and receives a good response, another multiplayer web-based game might be a good idea. However, at this time we're leaning toward something possibly stand-alone with a multiplayer option. Sedition Factor (a stand-alone game using the Dink Smallwood engine) is also planned, possibly before we begin our next multiplayer project.

--- Friday, October 9th, 1998 ---

     Official Lunatix Online Page is up: The current URL is which will be change to when our domain name is working. Look there for the latest Lunatix Online info, and don't forget about our Lunatix Online Forum for discussions about the game's development.

--- Thursday, October 8th, 1998 ---

     Our Domain IS coming: We're told that is just awaiting its addition to the internet routing tables. It could happen tomorrow... maybe Saturday. I don't really know.

     Lunatix Online (Questions and Answers): I've gotten some email about it, so here are some of the things I've been asked, and some of the things that haven't been asked yet but very well could be.

Q: I've played “Lunatix” before. What is Lunatix Online?
A: Lunatix Online: Global Insanity Crisis (a.k.a. LOGIC, a.k.a. Lunatix 6.0) is a brand new project. It's a web-based game, based on the same concepts, settings, and situtions of our popular BBS game, with lots of new features. Instead of playing it on a BBS, you play over the Internet with your Netscape or MSIE web browser.

Q: I've never played it. What is the game about?
A: Lunatix thrusts you into the crazy world of Imenz Aine, an insane asylum headed up by the somewhat-unscrupulous Dr. Armand Hammer. No longer must you waste away in your padded cell awaiting your next shock therapy session -- leave your room and roam the hall, fight against other patients (players), play pranks, flirt with the nurse or other players, chat, visit the cafeteria, enter your closet for rigorous battle against “shadow monsters” to increase your experience and gather Crazy Bucks to spend on new weapons and defenses like a broom or a cook's apron. Visit with Socrates, Napoleon, Ghengis Khan (and you thought YOU were crazy) among others, and attack the poor helpless (yeah right) cafeteria lady when you're ready to level-up. Lunatix puts you smack-dab in the middle of this crazy existence!

Q: Cool. Is it a MUD? A 3-D Action Game? What is it?
A: None of the above, but if I had to pick, it's probably more like a MUD. But, at the same time, it's not. Lunatix has traditionally appealed to people who aren't big Mudders (although there are always exceptions). Choice are made by selecting options. Step into the closet... Fight a Shadow... Return to your room... Step into the Hallway... Go the the Cafeteria... Talk to Socrates. Unlike MUDs where you basicly type your commands, the game control in Lunatix is mainly menu-driven. In other words, Leave your room by clicking "Leave my room" as opposed to typing the command out yourself. Is a menu-driven approach more restrictive than a command-driven one? Yes... but it's also much easier for new players to jump right in and learn the game in no time at all, without getting frustrated because they don't know what to do. For veteran patients, it makes game play go much smoother as well.

Q: When will Lunatix Online be ready to play?
A: That's hard to say, but the quick answer is “as soon as possible.” It will most likely be playable in a “beta” stage before all the features are finished, and will probably be continually improved during the first few months.

Q: Can I buy Lunatix Online for $15 like the BBS Version?
A: Lunatix Online probably won't be for sale in the traditional sense. This is a gaming site to bring players in, as opposed to a way to send players away. In a sense, it's like a restaurant... you can dine there, but the building isn't for sale.

Q: Can I buy Lunatix Online for $300 like the WG Version?
A: You can't buy a restaurant, but you can own your own franchise, right? We're strongly considering this, targeted at $450 to other sites that offer similar subscription plans to players.

Q: Isn't this just a BBS Game?
A: No. Lunatix Online will keep the same general “play style” as the BBS game because it's tried & proven, but that's just the beginning. Much more is planned for the web version. This includes REAL graphic stills (no more nebulous ANSI's), a fully-functional in-game teleconference (including millions of different channels, teleconference actions, whispering/paging, and more), new options like player marriages (with full-scale wedding ceremonies which friends can attend online), teams/gangs, optional player profiles (real as well as character), IGM's that are actually interactive (for instance, sit around and play poker with other players), and lots more!

Q: Wow! How can I play this game?
A: Stay tuned for continuing details. When the game opens, new players can sign up and get a week of play FOR FREE! This will allow you to evaluate the game and see whether or not you like it. If you don't, simply drop out of the game. If you enjoy it and would like to continue your patient past the first week, simply sign up for $5 a month (we might even offer discounts when signing up for several months at once). You can't lose!

Q: How will IGM's be implemented?
A: This will be worked out as the game progresses. We definitely want to make it so that IGM's can use all the features of the game, including the teleconference chat and other multi-player interaction. At this time, we haven't decided whether or not the IGM development tools will be avaiable for free... or for a charge... or not at all.

Q: What are the client requirements? Are they pretty steep?
A: Oh, not at all. In fact, we're hoping to make the game run on any Netscape 3, Netscape 4, or MS Internet Explorer 4 browser (It will require 800x600 resolution or higher). We would try to make it even MORE compatible, but some of the features needed just to make the game work at all weren't implemented until Javascript 1.1 came along. This means we aren't planning to add Shockwave or Quicktime or any other plug-in... and if we do, it will be optional. We want the game to work for as many people as possible. I just hate going to a site and I don't have the right plug-in... I typically just point my browser someplace else instead. Who wants to jump through lots of hoops just to play a web game?

Q: Oh, so it's a Javascript Game? That sucks.
A: <grin> no. The guts of Lunatix Online consist of related CGI programs which run on the server. However, there are some things that are best suited to client-side programming (messages, some input validation, heartbeat signalling, and so forth).

Q: It would be way cooler if it were a TCP/IP game.
A: ...meaning a game on CD with awesome graphics which communicates through the internet, like Ultima Online or something. I totally agree with that opinion. In fact, that could very well be the next likely incarnation of Lunatix or another adventure/RPG idea I've been milling over. However, we have to start somewhere and development of Lunatix Online (web-based) is already well underway.

--- Wednesday, October 7th, 1998 ---

     Waiting on our Domain Name: still isn't working. I honestly have no idea why not. My web host says they are waiting on information from Internic, but I thought all of that was taken care of two weeks ago. Argh. Hopefully it'll start working soon and that URL will bring you straight here.

     Lunatix Online: It's in the works and looking good. A playable alpha will most likely be ready this month! Lunatix Online: Global Insanity Crisis (LOGIC) is a web-based version of our classic Lunatix BBS game. This is going to be the best version ever, playable over the internet with out-of-the-box Netscape 3, Netscape 4, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4! Players get a free week of play to evaluate the game (and it will be VERY easy to sign up). After the first week, players can either just quit... or... subscribe as a full player for $5 monthly.

      A Prowler Products web site for Lunatix Online will be launched soon (the disabled link at the top of this page will go there). Already, a 3rd-party Lunatix Online web page has been created and is HERE! More information is coming, including some of the features, a description of the game, the story, and a few screen shots and graphics.

      A brand new forum has been set up especially for this project. Be sure to check it out for the latest info! If you'd like to add to the discussion, simply register your name (a 1-time thing... takes only 30 seconds to do... it's absolutely free) so the forum will recognize you.

--- Monday, September 28th, 1998 ---

     Welcome to Prowler Productions.
...featuring a new look and our own Domain Name ( Prowler Productions, as a company, has been around since 1996, sparked by our flagship game, Lunatix version 5.xx (for Worldgroup/MajorBBS). Two other Worldgroup BBS products (Mystic Messages 2.xx and “Distant Places” for WG T-LORD) have also been released under the Prowler name.

      Mike Snyder, the driving force behind the programming side of the business, has been programming games since 1987 (a very long time). Before Prowler Productions, DOS-based BBS games were marketed under the "N-E-Ware" name. More recently, D-Mods for Dink Smallwood have been distributed independently. Realizing that this is altogether senseless, we're consolidating. :)

This is the end of the old news. Thanks for reading!