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Click the Lunatix Online banner to return to the LOGIC Home Page
A Web-Based Multi-Player RPG by Mike Snyder and Anna Kasl

¤¤¤¤¤ Purchasing a Server License for Lunatix Online ¤¤¤¤¤
Licensing Available: Prowler Productions can now offer Lunatix Online server licensing. If you are a web host, ISP, or a content-oriented provider, you may qualify to license a copy of Lunatix Online for your own system.
How to Qualify: Because we also host the game on our pay-for-play Lunatix Online site (, we currently must limit licensing only to those sites which charge membership fees of some kind. This includes BBS/ISP sites which will run the game only for members of their system, web hosts which will run it for their customers, and so forth. Membership should not be less than $5 a month, although this does not have to be just for Lunatix Online (an internet site that charges $5 a month for 30 games and lots of extras would still qualify for licensing).
License Pricing: Lunatix Online is available in a 150-user base version for $650.00 or a 400-user base version for $1000.00. The 150-user base can be upgraded to a 400-user base at any time for an additional $400.00. Additional user licenses can be purchased above the 400-user base at $100.00 per 100 users, but is limited to 6 100-user packs (for a total of 1,000 players maximum). There are no additional “annual renewal” fees. NOTE: The user count refers to the maximum amount of players the game will allow -- it doesn't indicate how many the game will allow to play at the same time -- your system capacity determines that. In other words the 150-user version will allow as many as 150 players to sign up, regardless of how many of them attempt to play at the same time.
Server Stability: Because Lunatix Online is CGI (Perl) based, it will run on your web server just like a hit counter, a chat script, or a guest book (but lots more complex and lots more fun). However, since it is CGI, it is best suited to faster systems - the faster the better - and it performs best when it doesn't have to compete with many other programs for system resources. Keep this in mind when considering a Lunatix Online license. On good systems, it may support dozens of simultaneous players. On lesser ones, it might perform ok with no more than half a dozen.
Additional Questions? If you have additional questions about licensing Lunatix Online, send email to We're glad to help, and we look forward to your business.