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======= The Solitary News =======
Sunday, February 27th, 2000 -- Beta 1.1 is now online!

     Already, a couple bugs have been found and fixed. The first involved a game flaw that would occur if using “click” card mode with a card selected, then attempting to start a new game. The other was less severe -- if you've just finished winning a game, clicking “Scores” should have brought up today's top scores, not the all-time score list.Thanks to everybody who's already started playing and bug-hunting for us!

Saturday, February 26th, 2000 -- Welcome to Solitary Confinement!

     Prowler Productions has done it again. We've brought another great game to the web. Solitary Confinement is now open for public beta testing. With the exception of the Lunatix and StarLock card/background themes, it's fully functional. What we're asking is that you play Solitary Confinement and send information about any bugs you find to Even if you don't find any bugs, drop us a note to let us know that it worked ok for you. In either event, tell us what kind of computer (CPU speed, RAM, Modem speed, etc) you're using. This will help us determine what minimum system requirements are needed. We do know that you must have a Netscape 4.0 or Internet Explorer 4.0 (or newer) web browser to play.

     By default, the game allows you to “drag” cards around the screen (click a card, hold the mouse button down, and move the card). If you have a slower computer and find that it's too slow to drag cards, select the “click” preference. This will allow you to simply click a card then click the spot to move it (which is much faster).

If you are a member of Lunatix Online at (be sure to read the rules before signing up there), you can use your Lunatix character name to log into Solitary Confinement. This adds the benefit of being able to save your preferences, have your best scores added to the high score board, and post messages to the built-in graffiti wall. Or, play as a guest instead. It's totally free, but without the extra features. Give it a try now!