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About Pro-Seek - And Why You Need It!

      Simply put, Pro-Seek is a Perl CGI “web-based” product which you can download and install on your web site (like a hit counter or guest book) to provide a way for your site visitors to “search” for specific things on your site. This is useful if your web site has many areas and many pages but can be used even on small sites! For example, if you have a site about video games, it's much easier for a visitor to find pages at your site that mention Metroid, Zelda, or Final Fantasy if they can “search” your site for these things. With Pro-Seek, visitors will be able to find what they want, when they want it, and your site will become easier to navigate!

      Pro-Seek runs on most any web server (Windows NT and Unix alike - Perl 5 is required to run it though). Use WinZip or PkZip for Windows to extract the Pro-Seek archive (DO NOT use PkZip for DOS) to a temporary directory (or to a “pro-seek” directory on your web server). If running on Unix, you must download to a PC then FTP the files over to the UNIX server. If you have questions, send mail to us at

Four poll size/styles will be available, as shown above.

Latest News About Pro-Seek

    Saturday, October 23rd, 1999: Pro-Seek Development
      Pro-Seek can be seen near the top of this page. The search box will be available in four sizes (80x62, 120x62, 300x54, and 400x54) to help fit with the layout of pages of different styles. Pro-Seek is based on SillySearch by Kristina Pfaff-Harris and is used with her permission.
      We don't have a projected release date yet. The script doesn't use any indexing. This is good because it allows all the latest changes to be found in a search, but it's not so good because with dozens and dozens of pages (like we have) the search can be rather slow. If we can't get the script to perform well enough to compete with other search scripts which are already available elsewhere, we may not release it to the public (no point in it).

    Tuesday, August 31st, 1999: Welcome to the Pro-Seek Home Page!
      Pro-Seek is not yet available for download -- or even a live demo (we just started development). What we can tell you is that it'll be a slick site-search program you can install on your server for free to give your visitors the ability to search your site for particular topics. Check back often, since we hope to have a demo done soon which will allow you to see Pro-Seek in action. Thank you for supporting Prowler Productions!

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