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Games Created by Prowler Productions  Information
Lunatix Online - Multiplayer RPG in a wacky asylum. Free trial, then $5 per month to keep playing. Details? Check out the Official Page. Before you sign up, read the rules. Questions/Comments? Visit the Lunatix Forum.
StarLock - Massively Multiplayer Sci-Fi RPG/Adventure. Development is suspended (game is incomplete), but it's available for free play, as-is. Details? Just check out the official StarLock Page, or visit the Forum. Pics are here.
PipeLine - Two-player strategy game based on the classic pen-and-paper game "Dots and Dashes." Free, with added features for Lunatix subscribers. Questions or comments? Please use the General Forum.
Solitary Confinement - fully web-based Solitaire you can play online. Features a high-score board and a graffiti/message wall. Play as a Guest, or with your Lunatix Online account. Features one card theme, with two more coming eventually.
Other Games Hosted by Prowler Productions  Information
Compete with other players to become a Froggy Racing champion. Developed by Robert Fogt of BlueSparks. New scoreboard every month! Try it FREE as a guest, or with full features using a Lunatix Online account.
Can you conquer dozens of fun, challenging mazes in Gambit's Maze Factory? Developed by Robert Fogt of BlueSparks. New scoreboard every month! Play for FREE, and use the online Maze Creator to design and submit your own mazes. Discuss in the General Forum.
BlackNova Traders is an open-source game (space strategy, trading, and exploration) by Ron Harwood. Prowler Productions now hosts Morkeleb's copy. Discuss it in the BlackNova Forum. Or play without chat here.
Assorted Miscellaneous Single-Player Games  Information
Single-player maze/puzzle games, Lexter, Lexette, and Lex-Junior. Play these mind-boggling, addictive games for free. Each one has a high-score board! Instructions are available. No need to create an account. Game is saved to a "Cookie" until you close your browser.
Play Save-The-Freak (hangman with a twist). Play Skulls (a “Simon”-like game in which your short-term memory is taxed to the limit).

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