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Home of Prowler Productions' DOS-Based Multiplayer BBS Games!

Looking to register any of our DOORS or IGM's? The entire Lunatix (BBS) package (Lunatix 4.xx, Ultra Floors, LunEdit '98, Gift Shop IGM and the Chat Room IGM) is now just $10 -- that's a mere $10 for the Entire Lunatix Package -- the best deal EVER! ...and we throw in ShiftZone for free!

We currently accept online payments at PayPal.

Email sales@prowler-pro.com for more information before registering.

[[[ Videogame Generations Podcast ]]]
I recently started a podcast with my daughter, where we discuss all manner of videogames. Our focus is on console games (Nintendo, PlayStation, XBox), but we sometimes talk about interactive fiction, BBS games, old shareware, mobile games, and more. It's new, and we need to build up our subscriber base. We hope to keep it going, every week, for many years to come.

You can find the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher, among other places. Some browsers let you subscribe directly to a podcast by using our feed.

Or just head over to Videogame Generations for the latest episodes and show notes.


[[[ Happy New Year! ]]]
Since Prowler Productions is no longer in the business of developing BBS games, it's sometimes easy to neglect updates to this page (evidenced by the almost 4 years that have passed since the last news update). However, we still distribute and provide registrations for our door games and IGMs (see info at the top), and will continue to do so for many many years to come (these games aren't public domain or freeware - sorry everybody - but they're really really cheap). We also continue to support these games, although after all these years, I'm no longer an expert in troubleshooting problems. I do know that certain platforms (perhaps Windows XP and later incarnations of NT) have performance problems or outright conflicts (possibly with the built in COM routines - try using a fossil driver). I no longer run a traditional "BBS" and don't plan on a new Lunatix 4.xx compile, but I would be happy to post troubleshooting tips or advice if anybody has found any issues or work-arounds you would like to share.


[[[ Go Play Lunatix Online ]]]
Lunatix Online (Global Insanity Crisis) is done and available for play! This isn't a BBS game, but it's a web-based conversion of it. The official Lunatix Online home page is at www.prowler-pro.com/logic and the game is available for play using Netscape or Internet Explorer at www.lunatix-online.com. If you enjoyed Lunatix on your local BBS, just wait until you play the web version. Signing up to play is FREE and new players get two weeks with no obligation to subscribe past the trial period. For additional info, check out the features page or the screen-shots page.

[[[ StarLock In Development ]]]
Our next web-based game, StarLock, is now being developed. The official StarLock home page is at www.prowler-pro.com/starlock. This is our most exciting project ever. Like Lunatix Online, it will be a web-based multiplayer online game, but StarLock will be totally sci-fi with incredible graphic scenes. Go check it out! No release date is set yet, but stay tuned for the StarLock site for the latest news.

[[[ The Sysop's Exchange ]]]
I came across a new web site of interest for BBS sysops recently. It's the Sysop's Exchange at www.mccolm.com/bbs. Go check it out! Their very first door game review was of Lunatix 4.xx -- how cool is that!?! :)

[[[ Any New N-E-Ware BBS Games? ]]]
As you may know, we no longer write BBS door games. We've supported the market for more than four years so far, and the market has always supported us. This doesn't mean we're “leaving” by any means. We still support our products and answer email and offer registrations. Often, the BBS community feels as though door authors simply leave them with nothing -- no support, no way to register -- making them sway towards “hacked” or “cracked” versions. Our intent is to never do this. Even though we no longer develop any new BBS door games, we're still right here for you.

We're still busy writing new multiplayer games though! Visit the Prowler Productions home page at www.prowler-pro.com to see what we're working on!


Got a comment? I can be reached via email: