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[For use with Lunatix 5.xx and Lunatix 4.xx Ultra Floors]

Your Source for LunScript IGM's!

To use with Lunatix 5.xx (For MajorBBS/Worldgroup): Simply download an IGM and PKUNZIP it into your BBS's \LUN5ELEV directory! It's that easy!

To use with Lunatix 4.xx (Door version of the game): You must first install “Ultra Floors” as a regular IGM. Then, download an IGM and PKUNZIP it into your Ultra Floors directory. To complete the setup, run the Ultra Floors SETUP program and merely press [ESC] to exit.

Want to write your own LunScript IGM's? Download the IGM KIT, which is listed after the IGM's themselves farther down on this page. If you create one you'd like to share with other BBS's, be sure to EMAIL a copy to us!

IGM's are listed in order by date with newest ones at the top!
HAUNTLUN.ZIP: The Haunted House - 2/22/98, Size: 7,971
Take a trip to a “Haunted House” in Derick's first-ever Lunatix IGM.

LUNIGM97.ZIP: 1997 Lun-IGM Contest Winners - 1/17/98, Size: 63,738
Includes Sadie's Brothel (1st), Chou's Eggroll Emporium (2nd), The Psycho Swamp (3rd), and four other entries - 7 IGM's in all!

REDHRR1A.ZIP: Quest for the Red Herring - 9/11/97, Size: 65,316
This is the LARGEST, most involved LunScript IGM to date. It's an ADVENTURE... players can GET and LOOK at things, walk N, S, E, W, and interact with the IGM.

LIBRARY.ZIP: The Lunatix Library - 9/4/97, Size: 12,299
Fiction is fact and fact is fiction. Written by Josh Kline.

RAINROOM.ZIP: The Rain Room - 8/31/97, Size: 17,668
Nurse Kandi (or Nurse Todd for the ladies) has been kidnapped and taken to the fabled “Rain Room.” Go to the rescue -- use passwords to continue a game.

LUN8BALL.ZIP: The Magic 8-Ball - 8/30/97, Size: 9,289
Remember the “Magic 8-Ball” -- ask a question, turn it over, and it would (usually) predict the future? Now this fun is bottled into a Lunatix IGM!

HANGMN1B.ZIP: Lunatix Hang-Man - 8/24/97, Size: 10,178
Guess a letter or guess the phrase, but solve it before the lunatic gets lynched!

AFTRLF1.ZIP: A Lunatic's Afterlife - 7/17/97, Size: 22,706
A mysterious man sends you on a quest through 3 lands. Written by Mark Nowak.

LDRM1_37.ZIP: A Lunatic's Dream - 7/14/97, Size: 5,532
Is it real or is it just a dream? Written by Mark Nowak.

SPZDG1_3.ZIP: The Spazmic Dog - 6/29/97, Size: 4,722
Visit Lex, the Spazmic Dog. Will he help you or just chew up your Crazy Bucks? This IGM is Mark Nowak's first!

WATCH111.ZIP: Realm of the Watchdog - 6/7/97, Size: 31,340
Read an interesting story then answer a series of questions about it for prizes! Written by “Blackie.” NOTE: Users with a scrollback mode on their terminal may be able to “cheat” in this one.

SWARS103.ZIP: The Star Wars Trilogy - 5/25/97, Size: 15,065
Actually, it's the “completely unauthorized” Star Wars trilogy. Take your place as the legendary Jedi Knight. The FULL version of this IGM is available for free by emailing a request to the author, Blackie.

WBILLRDS.ZIP: The Wacky Billiards Room - 4/29/97, Size: 17,089
Start as a rank amateur but become a pool shark as you ultimately take on the highest challenge. Continue using passwords.

LUNGSHOP.ZIP: The Gift Shop of Illusion - 3/25/97, Size: 16,166
This IGM is a random-event driven adventure -- NOT the same as the stand-alone Gift Shop IGM for Lunatix 4.xx (door version).

INSBJ_99.ZIP: Insane Blackjack - 3/20/97, Size: 6,846
Play a hand of BlackJack - simple but fun. Written by Devin Lisenbach.

INSRL_99.ZIP: Insane Roulette - 3/14/97, Size: 5,689
Russian Roulette? That's just plain insane! Written by Devin Lisenbach.

LUNMILKY.ZIP: The Milky Way - 3/13/97, Size: 11,432
The elevator brings you to... the Crazy Farm? Milk one of 4 cows and get milk in one of 4 colors, then take it to the farmer. She spent a lot of time on this (a friend of Mike Snyder's) - this is her first and only IGM. Written by Tracy Durham.

LSTRLTY1.ZIP: Lost Reality - 3/8/97, Size: 5,812
Your mind trips and sends you to an odd space station in Devin Lisenbach's 1st IGM!

LUNMUSIC.ZIP: The LunaMusic Awards - 3/3/97, Size: 9,980
It's a night to remember - attend the LunaMusic Awards and hear (read) some funny songs as you help pick the winners!

LUNTLAIR.ZIP: Thumper's Lair - 2/22/97, Size: 19,558
A monster is on the loose! Search for Thumper in her underground lair. If you find her, will you have the power to destroy her? Passwords allow players to continue between visits. Written by Mike Snyder.

DNAEXPER.ZIP: The DNA Research Experiment - 2/18/97, Size: 26,564
Like it or not, you've just volunteered for DNA experimentation! By David Kennedy.

LUNATTIC.ZIP: The Attic - 2/16/97, Size: 22,730
Brella Marburger's 1st (and only) IGM lets you visit the attic and explore - maybe even be a contestant on Crazy Jeopardy!

BASEMENT.ZIP: The Basement - 2/5/97, Size: 7,828
Hawkeye & Skamps (users of the GaRBaGe DuMP BBS) wrote the first-ever 3rd Party LunScript IGM - an adult-oriented trip into the Lunatix Basement!

IGMSETS5.ZIP: Lunatix IGM Set (5) - 12/1/96, Size: 47,144
This ZIP file contains the first five IGM's ever made for the Worldgroup/MajorBBS version of Lunatix: Sigmund's Therapy Lounge, The Crazy Bucks Quiz, The Mental Evaluation Floor, Name That Psychosis, and Kenny's Crazy Casino 2!

IGMKIT3E.ZIP: LunScript IGM Developer's Kit - 2/22/98, Size: 135,500
This kit is FREE and it includes the offline LunScript IGM viewer, ANSI-to-ColorCode conversion program, and several .DOCs (text files) which is everything you should need to start writing YOUR OWN IGM's for Lunatix 5.xx or Lunatix 4.xx with Ultra Floors. Use your imagination. If you don't have one, give it to somebody who does! :) LunScript is its own language, so you don't need Basic, C++, Pascal or any other package or knowledge to write a LunScript IGM. This explains everything for you! Give it a try!

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