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Download These N-E-Ware BBS Doors!

Time Port 1.1a Time Port, a Sci-Fi RPG using the Lunatix engine. Also, get Time-Fix1 to fix a minor problem in the 1.1a version of Time Port. Also, Time Port is FREEWARE! Just get the Time Port Registrator and generate your own, free reg codes! NOTE: Door Authors: Now you can download the QuickBASIC 4.5 Source Code to Time Port to modify or re-use!

Mystic Messages 1.0b Mystic Messages, a very cool Graffiti wall for your BBS. You can even make your own ANSI's and configure Mystic Messages to use that as the backdrop for the wall! Get Mystic Walls 1 for additional wall ansi's!

Rage Term 1.0a This is Rage Term! N-E-Ware's 256-color VGA terminal... mouse support (when in rage mode) and most common terminal features (ANSI, Macro's, dialing directory, and so on). The first RAGE'd door is also available! Get Forget-It 1.0B The first-ever Rage'd door game!

Shift Zone 2.0b An addictive, cool, original puzzle game for your BBS! It's tough! Do your users think they're smart? Let them find out.

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