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Although Lunatix isn't freeware, registration is much cheaper than it used to be, at just $10 for Lunatix, LunEdit '98, UltraFloors, Chat Room IGM, Gift Shop IGM, and registration for the bonus game Shift Zone. N-E-Ware is now Prowler Productions ( Contact for current registration information, or with any other questions regarding Lunatix or N-E-Ware/Prowler Productions.

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Lunatix 4.3a Lunatix version 4.3a, an rpg/adventure door game by Mike Snyder. One of the most popular door games out there! Runs under DOS, Windows, Windows '95, OS2, Desqview, and more. Features IGM's and IGS's... Lunatix is a MUST HAVE for your BBS! In Lunatix, the players are locked-up mental patients. Play pranks and kill each other, buy weapons from Socrates and Napoleon (they're crazy, too), attack the Cafeteria lady, bribe guards, flirt with the nurse. A fun, (and FUNNY) addictive Door!

LunEdit '98: Version 1.0a Beta Simply put, LunEdit allows you to modify your Lunatix player files, and the user interface is SIMPLE to use. Pick a player from the scrolling list and hit [ENTER]. Voila! No more “forward” and “backward” through one name at a time, as most other game editors do it. Beware, LunEdit gives you the power to change almost anything about a player, so use it with care!

Ultra Floors 1.1b This is the ULTIMATE Lunatix IGM. It's a scripting add-on... but LIGHTYEARS ahead of the simple IGS system. Now, Lunatix players can enjoy the dozens of IGM's that were created for Lunatix 5.xx (the MajorBBS/Worldgroup version). Simply install Ultra Floors, then install LunScript IGM's “under” it. It's EXTREMELY easy, and your Lunatix usage will skyrocket! To find LunScript IGM's for use with Ultra Floors, visit the LunScript IGM Page.
West Wing Lunatix IGM 1.2b The West Wing IGM is the very first IGM for the Lunatix door game. Dig in a trash can, be a nuisance, talk to Sigmun Freud, and figure out how to enter Dr. Hammer's Office.

Black Widow's Lair Lunatix IGM 1.2b Enter the lair of the evil Black Widow and seek her out... destroy her if you can. In the meantime, solve the puzzle of her statue and order a pizza from Spartacus while you wait.

Kenny's Crazy Casino Lunatix IGM 1.1b If The Guido Brothers will let you in, gamble at Kenny's Casino. Either earn or loose your Crazy Bucks, but have fun nonetheless

Gift Shop of Illusion Lunatix IGM 1.0a Talk to Glitch and answer interesting questions, and best of all, buy gifts for the other players (such as a rose or a card, or adult diapers for your enemies). This IGM features 2 "extra" stats: Popularity & Intelligence. Check it out!

Chat Room & Journal Lunatix IGM 1.0a This one is a double-igm. Players now have a private journal with which to record whatever they wish, such as the last flirt tried, attempted escape-door codes, and so on. PLUS: This IGM is a great multi-line CHAT MODULE! That's right, players can page each other in Lunatix and congregate in the chat room where a few teleconference-type commands apply.

Non-Standard Port Util for Lunatix If you use a Fossil driver, you don't need this. If you don't have a non-standard port (a port other than 1,2,3 or 4) you don't need this. You ONLY need this if you plan to run Lunatix on some non-standard com port without a fossil.

Also check out these 3rd-party IGM's, IGS's, and ADD-On's for Lunatix!

The Electrical Outlet Aventure IGS Version 1.2. The latest add-on for Lunatix is an IGS (not an IGM). Simply pkunzip it into your main Lunatix directory then run the INSTALL1.BAT file. The new option should then show up in the Library in your game.

Hospital Lobby IGM Version 2.5x. Written by Blood Doll. It's insane. It makes no sense. Some of the text is questionable... that's right, it's pretty cool. NOTE:The new version ( replaces the old one ( and many of the bugs in the older version are now FIXED! Version 25x was added on 4-12-98.

Lunatix 4.xx Complete RIP Room Set Created by Mike Collard, this package lets you replace the few existing RIPS with brand new ones -- 16 RIPS total -- and it even includes sound! Even if you don't use RIP on your BBS, some players might, so it's worth the download. Just PkUnzip it into your main Lunatix directory, and THAT'S ALL IT TAKES! Be sure to read the included .TXT file for notes from the author.

An AWESOME statistics/bulletin maker for Lunatix 4.xx!!! Written by Deepak Khurana, this one shows more stats in the bulletin, counts players and is a DEFINITE must-have to enhance Lunatix on your BBS.

Lunatix Player's Bulletin Maker! This is a very cool utility for generating ANSI, ASCII, or BBS-color-encoded bulletins for your BBS.

The first four 3rd party IGS's for Lunatix! This small file includes the first ever extra IGS's (In-Game Stories) for Lunatix.,, and contain the IGS's within this archive.

Also available, for WG/MBBS systems only: Lunatix 5.xx!

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