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Click the Lunatix Online banner to return to the LOGIC Home Page
A Web-Based Multi-Player RPG by Mike Snyder and Anna Kasl

¤¤¤¤¤ Welcome to the Asylum. Have a nice day! ¤¤¤¤¤
Lunatix Online is a web-based multiplayer role-playing adventure game. Players assume the role of a mental patient, locked away in a wacky mental institution (called “Imenz Aine”) on a crazy quest to escape.
¤¤¤¤¤ Lunatix Online Features ¤¤¤¤¤
  • Fully browser-based internet web game. This means it's highly accessible. No special client program to download. Play it anywhere (work, school, home, a friend's house) without having to install the game on each computer. This is a wonderful thing for anybody who can't or won't install a special program just to play an online game.

  • Turn-based play. Each day, players get a number of “turns” (closet fights, player fights, and other options) to use. This helps keep the game fair. People with tons of free time don't have a special advantage over people who don't. It's also a great game for busy people. Since Lunatix is turn-based, it doesn't take too long to play the daily turns. This means more time left for other games and other interests -- great for busy people!

  • Fully-integrated chat. Lunatix chat is built right in. This means no cumbersome IRC connection and no slow-loading java applications. Lunatix chat allows whispering, emotes/actions (to be added soon), full color-code recognition, and billions of channels for public chat or privacy.

  • IGM Add-Ons - an ever-growing game! Lunatix Online includes an awesome feature called “IGM” (In-Game Module) support. This means anybody with the inclination to do so can use our FREE developer's kit to create add-ons for the game. Not only will this allow the institution to grow, but it also paves the way for new places and adventures created by Lunatix Online players -- even you can do it!

  • Twisted, wacky sense of humor. It's not uncommon to actually laugh out loud at some of the situations faced in Lunatix Online. It's a great break away from the serious routines of everyday “real” life. Where else can you flirt with a nurse, kill a few imaginary monsters, play a prank on somebody, and visit with some interesting historical people all in the same day?

  • In-game email system. Lunatix allows private player-to-player mail. It's built right in! Send email to other patients, or read the mail that comes in to you. The system allows mail to be saved, deleted, or replied to easily!

  • Optional Download Graphics Options. We all know that getting graphics across the internet takes time. That's why some web pages take a while to load. Although you can play Lunatix Online this way, the option (in “preferences”) exists to download the game graphics so that they're loaded locally which equates to near-instant display of game scenes!

  • Easy-to-use Color Code System. Lunatix includes 15 color codes that are easy to use anywhere. Player names can contain colors. Chat and mail can contain colors. Virtually any part of the game allows color codes. Don't just “say” it... say it with colors!

  • Virtually no player limit! Unlike some other games of this type, Lunatix currently imposes no maximum limit on the number of players the game will hold! New players attempting to sign up for the first time won't be greeted by any dastardly “game is full” message. However, Lunatix does require that each player only create one single game character. Multiple “patients” are not allowed.
  • ¤¤¤¤¤ Play Lunatix Today. Get Started For FREE! ¤¤¤¤¤
    Ready to jump in and start expressing your insanity in one of the wackiest online games you'll ever see? Just go to now and get started right away! Want to see more first? Check out some of the Screen Shots from the game.