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Hits since 10.9.98

A Web-Based Multi-Player RPG by Mike Snyder and Anna Kasl
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[Saturday, 11/01/2008]: Prizes Discontinued         

      As of today, Prowler Productions is no longer able to offer free prizes to game winners. (Note that prizes for wins on or before October 31st will still be mailed out soon.) However, if enough interest is shown, we may bundle together one each of any remaining prize stock and offer these sets for sale to Lunatix players.

[Wednesday, 02/01/2006]: Now Open To Free Members         

      Prowler Productions is excited to announce that Lunatix Online has been opened for free play. Previously the game offered a 2-week free trial, after which characters would expire. A single free trial was available, to evaluate the game before purchasing a subscription. Non-paying players were unable to continue.

      With the new subscription tiers, membership is based on game usage. Casual players pay nothing, and can play a character indefinitely (no trial expiration). More serious players can add paid time to the free time already given, and the really dedicated players can still purchase an optional subscription. Full details are at the subscription page.

Previous players (trial members and subscribers alike) are invited to sign up a free character and try the game again. This "welcome back" promotion is available to any prior player who left the game on good terms.

[Thursday, 01/12/2006]: Long Overdue News Update         

      Seven Years: Lunatix Online opened to the public in January of 1999... seven years ago. This makes it one of the longest running browser-based multiplayer online games in existence! If you aren't playing, you should be!

      New Prizes: The prize page has been updated. Check it out, to find out what you could win by winning Lunatix Online.

      Subscriptions: Remember, any and all subscription questions should be directed to Anna handles all payments and prizes. Due to excessive spam, be sure that your message subject includes the word Lunatix. Otherwise, it may go directly to her deleted items without being seen.

      StarLock: Development of StarLock was cancelled last year, but the game was opened for public play as-is. Join the fun, and check it out. It's free!

[Saturday, 03/09/2002]: More New Things in Lunatix Online         

      Cool New Features: Even more changes have taken place, to help improve the game. The number of mail messages a player has now appears beside the "Read Mail" link in Your Room. Players (using an option in Preferences) can now link to a different Your Room image all their own! A "RELOAD" link has been added to the sidebar of the game, useful for people who have browser or ISP connection problems. In addition, if your browser crashes (or if you accidentally close it), you will usually be able to log back in without waiting (the "Out of Body Experience" modification). When you do log back in, or "refresh," the game will return you to the spot you left off. The bug in the Hammer's House IGM, which would prevent the IGM from starting over after winning it, has been corrected. A new IGM, Zilla's Quizbowl, has been added. A "profile" action was added, to encourage players to fill out their profile. Even the Lunatix Page has a new look!

      Advertising: The 125x600 "tower" ad, seen here at the right with the Mean Li'l Birdie at the top, is generating quite a bit of new traffic (and new subscribers) for us with its placement at The hundreds spent for March advertising may just pay off! Subscriptions, at over 200 paying players, are at an all-time high.

      Editorials: I've written two editorials (so far) which are available at MPOGD. The first (Disruptive Players - The Plague of Online Gaming?), discusses the problems (and solutions) in dealing with trouble-makers in multiplayer online games. The second (Free vs. Pay: The Undying Debate), explores the difference in opinion regarding whether it's "okay" or not to charge a fee for playing a game online. These are lengthy but useful articles, for anyone interested.

[Saturday, 01/26/2002]: New Things in Lunatix Online         

      New IGM's: Several new IGM's have been added recently, including Hammer's House (see pictures below), Kick Me in the Jimmy, The Mules, The Races, The Dark Carnival, The Server Room, and Sore Fiver Island. Some bugs in other IGM's have also been corrected, including problems in the Snax Kitchen and the Tower of Trials. There are currently a whopping *40* add-ons inside the asylum!

Scenes from the Hammer's House In-Game Module for Lunatix Online

      Other Improvements: Several other changes and new features have been added to make this an even better game! Even though Lunatix Online has been around for more than three years, it's still one of the best browser-based games around.

---> Many new actions were added, including the popular .pants action. Some other new actions even have links, to help remind players where the rules are posted, where the subscription info is, and about the hints, instructions, and FAQ.

---> A dynamic Action List has been added, to show all available actions and what messages they show. It's very handy!

---> Channels can now be named! Channel 1 is always Main Lunatix Chat, but players can “Name” any other private or public channel. A preference even lets players set a default channel name.

---> The SCAN (and SCAN #) commands will list all named channels, and can show which patients are on a particular channel (except private ones).

---> Players are no longer allowed to play in “vulture mode” by purposely staying at low levels with high stats to prey on other patients. When too much experience is gained, a player must level up (no other options are available). This fixes a long-standing design flaw.

---> When a player gets knocked down more than 1 level, his/her weapon and defense are now downgraded appropriately. Also, Max Hits goes down correctly any time a level is lost.

      More Popular Than Ever! As I mentioned earlier, Lunatix Online has been around for more than three years, yet it's more popular now than it ever has been! Not only has the game improved, but the total count of paying subscribers reached 185 (among several hundred players total) recently. Where other games are struggling, throwing up annoying ads trying desperately to pay the bills, Lunatix Online is not only thriving, but growing! Please help us spread the word. :)

      Lunatix Banners and Buttons: If you'd like to show your support for Lunatix Online by linking to us, feel free to use one of our Ad Graphics and link it to Remember that if you're a subscriber, and somebody you refer decides to subscribe, you get two free weeks as a bonus.

[Wednesday, 06/06/2001]: New Lunatix Online Screenshots         

      Finally! Twelve new screenshots have been added. The original screenshots were from the beta version (two and a half years ago), and from the first post-beta version 6.0a in early 1999. It's hard to believe this game has been around for so long - but it has! With more games in develpment (such as StarLock), we'll be here for many more to come! :)

[Older News]: Missed some vital info? Read up! CLICK HERE for older news.

This page and all its contents (except link exchange graphics) are copyright © 1998 by Prowler Productions
Lunatix 4.xx (BBS Game) and 5.xx (WG/MBBS Game) are copyright © 1998 by Prowler Productions