Saturday, April 18th, 1998
Updated Dink Source Link: The URL of “The Dink Source” changed, so its link has been updated. Also (not related to the Dink Source) I noticed that the Dink Message Board (Medar's) was gone, then back, then gone again, so I'm not sure of its status.

Our Update Schedule: Often, several days will go before I update the Dink Smallweb with the latest info. Remember, the latest info is always available in our Dink Message Areas, usually before I get around to updating this page, so be sure to check it out frequently and feel free to use it for your own questions, answers, and comments!

Wednesday, April 15th, 1998
Official Dink Forum Gone: The official Dink Forum has gone offline and it now redirects to my forums. Reportedly, it was for lack of use.:(

Preliminary Demo of D's D: I'll be releasing an early demo of Dink's Doppleganger, probably Sunday. I've already received plenty of beta test requests, so I won't need any more at this time. This demo will be revised and released publicly shortly thereafter (maybe a few days, maybe a couple weeks). I'm hoping this will get a little interest and excitement stirred up, not only to get a few pre-orders when I begin accepting them, but for other D-Mod authors as well!

Saturday, April 11th, 1998
What's It All About? I've gotten email from people who frequent my N-E-Ware door games site, my Exertion Gaming arcade, and others who just randomly stumbled here. The biggest question is “Dink Smallwood? Smallweb? Huh? What's is this?” The new Info page gives a brief explanation.

New D-Mod Progress: Dink's Doppleganger is coming right along. I'm adding more new graphics where necessary and it's looking really good. I've gotten most of the plot worked out, which has caused me to reconsider what I want to name it. Dink's Doppleganger would still be accurate (it involves Dink's evil duplicate) but the plot is a lot more involved than that. Plus, my Fiance didn't even know what a doppleganger is, and I wonder if it just doesn't reach out and “grab” a person. If someone was selecting between different games by the title alone, I bet “Dink's Doppleganger” would lose. So, the name is now tentative. I might keep it, I might not, but it's going to be the same great game either way. I now have dozens of screens finished, 5 different distinct areas so far (including the 3-scene intro), and several new sprites and background tiles.

Older News: The home page was getting rather lengthly, so old news has been archived now. It will remain available, and a link at the bottom of each page will take you farther and farther back, as far as you want to go, all the way to the beginning of the Dink Smallweb. I notice that the other Dink-related web sites are doing this as well, so a wealth of great information is out there for the viewing!

Tuesday, April 7th, 1998
New Link Added: A new Dink-related site was added to my links section, Illusion Soft (, which is a team of at least 4 people working on their first D-Mod, Final Scarlet. Any Dink news is good news, so go check 'em out!

D's D Update: It's still looking good. Those people who are working on D-Mods of their own will understand how much time it takes to put one together, add some new graphics, develop a good story, build the maps, and code all the dozens of little source files. In fact, it takes a LOT of time, and I already juggle a full-time job (8AM-5PM), other existing shareware that I support, a relationship with my fiance, etc, etc, etc. Finding the time to write Dink's Doppleganger is increasingly difficult, but rest assured that it's happening. This will be WELL worth the wait... I hope.

However, I'm hoping to have the demo (shareware version) done by the end of this month! I may or may not have the complete game done by then. If I don't, I'll go ahead and take pre-orders, for a small discount, at that time (the way Seth did when Dink itself was first released).

Sunday, April 5th, 1998
N-E-Ware Message Forums: I have TWO message forums set up for the discussion of Dink Smallwood and the discussion of Dink Smallwood D-Mod authoring. If you have ANY interest whatsoever in using them, please do. It's free! To post a message, you have to register, but it's FREE to register -- all you have to do is enter your name, etc., so the forum will recognize you. Click HERE for the forums!

D's D Screen Shots: I've added 4 screen shots right out of Dink's Doppleganger, my upcoming kick-ass adventure featuring Dink Smallwood. Click HERE for those pics.

I still don't have an estimate on when the game will be completed. It will be a LOT larger than The Scar... I'm adding quite a few new graphics but RTSoft provided such a great set of tiles/sprites that much of it will be the same. The story hasn't yet fully matured (I'm still working on the plot). I think it's gonna rock!

Links Wanted: Do you have a web site dedicated (or even partially related) to Dink Smallwood? Email the URL to me and I'll add it to my links section!

MIDI Music Deal: I'm about to sign an agreement with a musician for the use of several professional MIDI's for Dink's Doppleganger. I found a lot of great music on the web, but you can't just slap it in your game and expect to not get sued (if you remember, Seth even had to pull a few songs out of Dink because the actual copyright holders hadn't given him permission, even though somebody CLAIMING to own them had). Anyway, long story short, I want some great music in the game, so the agreement will be that he gets a percentage of every sale.

New Message Forums: I took a break from Dink's Doppleganger this evening to put a CGI message forum online. I've added areas for Dink Players, Dink D-Mod Authors, and other areas for other parts of my ever-expanding web site. Click here to visit the N-E-Ware Forums! You'll have to “register” to post your own messages, but it's free and it only takes about 30 seconds. Check it out!

Dink's Doppleganger In The Works: I got a lot of good feedback about The Scar of David. The only bad thing was that it is such a small one. Well, it was a learning experience for me, which was the goal all along. It has given me the tools and skill to (hopefully) write something bigger and much better. And (drum roll) D's D is actually going to have a PLOT! Woohooooo!!

I'll release more information as it's ready, including some screen shots and maybe some of the music I'll use (still trying to contact the owners to get permission to use some of it). I do know that the demo version will be available for free. Past a certain point, registration ($5) will be required to continue the game -- sort of like how Seth did Dink Smallwood itself. Anyway, nobody will have to register, but I suspect it will be well worth it for those who do. :)

So, what's it going to be about? A doppleganger (yes, it's a real word, I didn't make it up) means "an evil duplicate of a person" -- usually in the form of a malicious demonic spirit that takes your form, but not always. I won't give away any of the plot points, but I assure you it's going to rock.

New Link: I just added a new link, The Dink Source, which went online about the same time this site did (a few days ago). It looks really good, and he (Matt Flook) is staying on top of the latest Dink developments. He even has The Scar already!

We're the FIRST!!! As promised, here it is... The Scar of David (515k) version 1.0 (the first release), the first-ever 3rd party D-Mod for Dink Smallwood!! I'm not currently using WinZip. Make sure you make a directory under your main DINK directory (call it SCAROFD or something), copy this file into this directory, then install it from there by typing:

PKUNZIP SCARD-10 -DO [enter]

Make sure you put the -DO on the end of it (that's space-dash-dee-oh, not a zero) and it will make the necessary subdirectories for you. I may start using WinZip soon to make this a little more automated.

If done correctly, you should end up with a C:\DINK\SCAROFD\ directory (or something similar) which contains the Scar of David D-Mod plus additional sub directories for graphics, sound, and story.

After you've installed it, change into your master DINK directory and type:


Enjoy!!! This one is pretty small & free, but there are a few surprises.

The Scar of David: This is our first D-Mod -- it will be the ONLY D-Mod other than the Milli Vanilli one as of its release, which is expected to happen this weekend -- yes, within 48 hours! Don't expect an awesome, huge world in this. The entire thing has taken only a few days to develop, but it's mainly a learning exercise for us -- Dink-C isn't the easiest thing to learn. Although small and offering very little in game play, The Scar of David will hopefully show that this is very possible -- and that anybody with the desire to learn it can do it.

Just think -- One small D-Mod from one person won't make a huge different, but DOZENS of small ones from DOZENS of people will. Unfortunately, D-Mods don't make themselves. The Scar of David will be small and free, but bigger ones will come!

The Dink Smallweb: Part of what's “In The Works” is this web site. We'll be adding more useful links and information for Dink Smallwood players and D-Mod developers.

Two new links have been added. Visit the Dink Smallwood Message Forum for an ongoing discussion on various Dink topics. I visit the Dink message forum several times a day (usually). Also, check out The Dink HQ which is a site devoted to keeping current on the latest Dink happenings, including new D-Mod news and a downloads area.

What is a D-Mod? D-Mod means “Dink Module” and it's the term used to describe an add-on that includes a new map (in other words, it's not just an alteration, but a whole new story). I made up the term “D-Mod” and Seth made it official. Thanks Seth!

Dink-C Language Reference: Seth is an incredible programmer, but the Dink-C documentation falls short. When I have the opportunity, I hope to write a revised manual for the Dink engine, Dink-C language, and the tile editor. For the past two years I've worked for a company revising professional user manuals, so hopefully I can turn out a good manual -- unless somebody else beats me to it! :)

New D-Mod Ideas: We have at least two more D-Mod ideas already baking in our brains. The smaller of the two will be titled “Dink's Doppleganger” and will involve an evil duplicate of Dink Smallwood (I say this so nobody will accidentally make the same thing). The 2nd is planned to be a much larger game, and we doubt anybody could possibly come up with the same idea so we're keeping it under wraps until after we've started on it.

Has anybody else noticed the possibilities with this engine? Sure, it's for RPG scripting, but with a little imagination I bet it can do WAY more. For example, I plan to attempt making a Breakout/Arkanoid game as a D-Mod... I think every command I'd need is built into Dink-C already. Things like Pac-Man should be possible... Just about anything you can imagine barring 3-D “Doom” style games.

The D-Mod Pricing Debate: It's not really a debate, but it's something that most Dink players have some opinion on. Many people feel that every D-Mod ever released by anybody should be available totally for free. If everybody had unlimited free time and absolutely no need for a little extra income, this might happen. However, we don't have unlimited free time, and extra income (even a tiny bit) would be good. This is why some of our smaller D-Mods will be free, but the better modules may carry a shareware/demo version with the full version (or added episodes) available for $5.

Okay, the first time I mentioned this, the complaints started rolling in (most were in private email). There are two sides to any debate, and I can understand the reservations people might have. However, wouldn't a good D-Mod (one that keeps you entertained and is very enjoyable) be worth a measly $5? I spent 7 times that much just in parking garage fees during a recent trip to Orlando. $5 is a sandwich and a cola. $5 is an extra value meal and a chocolate shake. $5 is the tip on a pretty nice meal. If $5 seems a huge amount, then for the love of God, don't purchase any D-Mods -- there should be plenty of them from us and other developers for free. Everybody wins.

Is it ethical to charge for a D-Mod? Absolutely. Seth, Pap, and the other members of the Dink Smallwood team at RTSoft spent a lot of time working on this incredible game. If a 3rd party spends as much or more time on a D-Mod, is it fair to expect them to just give it away for free? No, it isn't. If they want to distribute it for free, that's absolutely wonderful. Not everybody would be willing to spend much time developing D-Mods if they were prohibited from selling them.

This also doesn't necessarily mean that $5 is a fair price in all cases. A good D-Mod might be more. A lesser one might be less, or even free. These are just the generic rules we plan to go by when releasing D-Mods. Other 3rd party developers might do it differently.