Dink? Smallwood? What?

Dink Smallwood is an RPG Adventure game from RTSoft, the original creators of the popular LORD (Legend of the Red Dragon) BBS game. We didn't create it. We are, however, developing D-Mods (add-on worlds) for it.

Dink is a Windows 95 based SVGA masterpiece. What makes it even better is the ability to create new D-Mods for it! Because of this, the same “engine” can be used for hundreds of new games!

Because it's so new, not much is currently available for it. We're among several other groups who are working on new D-Mods in the hopes of changing that.

For a better description of Dink Smallwood, see RTSoft's Dink Smallwood Home Page. A demo is available (or will be available soon). The complete game can be purchased on CD for just $20 from RTSoft. It requires a Pentium 100 and 24 Megs of RAM minimum to run. If you've got it, Dink is well worth the price! And, once you own it, the door is open for more worlds, including the ones we are making (which will be free or very cheap).


Last update to this page: Saturday, April 11th, 1998