LexEngine Games: Instructions & Hints!
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To play, you need Netscape 3.0 (or newer) or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 (or newer). In the future, other browsers may also fully implement JavaScript. For the purpose of these instructions, the hero of each game will simply be referred to as “Lexter” even though you may be playing as Lexette, Lex Junior, etc.

In each level, guide Lexter to the door by clicking on the arrows that show up on the right side (middle) of the screen. When Lexter moves into an “arrow” block, the block will be moved in that direction and the character will take its place. Arrow blocks can only be moved in the direction they point, from behind.

In addition, the “Plus-Sign” blocks (or 4-way arrow blocks) can be moved in ANY direction, from any side. When Lexter goes to move one of these blocks, it will change colors and the PLUS sign in the middle of the arrow control bad will light up. This means that your next click will move the block in any direction that isn't already blocked. For example, if lexter is under a multi-arrow block and you click the UP arrow, the block will change color. Now, you can click either left, up, or right (but not down since Lexter himself is below the block) to move the block if the direction isn't blocked. If you click the PLUS sign in the middle of the arrow control pad, Lexter will release the block and no turn will be used.

Each level gives you a set amount of turns. Each move Lexter makes will use one of these turns. You must reach the door (or any door in a multi-door level) before his moves run out.

You get 25 points for completing each level, with 10 bonus points for each move left over as you enter the door! If you complete a level with 4 moves remaining, you'll get 65 points for the level! If you run out of turns, the high score screen will be shown and after viewing it you will re-start your most recent level again.

At the lower-right of the screen, you'll see a series of buttons (where your score and moves remaining show up). Click on “Level” if you wish to start the current level over (if you get stuck or something). Click on “Moves” if you wish to restart the game back at level 1. Click on “Quit” if you wish to stop playing. Click on “Score” to view the high score board -- if you view the scores, you can return to the game right where you left off -- no moves will be wasted so it's safe to do!


  • If you get a high score, it will ONLY be counted if you run out of turns. If you get to a high level and have 500 points and you get stuck, DO NOT click the “Moves”, “Level”, or “Quit” buttons to restart/quit because you'll be throwing away your score! Simply move around until your turns run out.

  • You could win the game even if you have to replay each level several times. However, you might not make it on the score board because your score resets to 0 each time you run out of turns or restart the game or the level. For your score to grow, you must pass multiple levels without running out of moves!

  • To get the HIGHEST scores, replay each level after you are familiar with the game. Instead of entering the door, make note of how many moves you have left and click the “Level” button to start over. Experiment and you might find quicker paths! Once you find the best ways in each level, you can click the “Moves” button to restart at level 1 and go all the way through!

  • Many levels can be completed with extra turns remaining! For instance, the 6th level in Lexette can be completed with at least EIGHT moves left over! That's 80 bonus points for a single level! One level in Lexter can be completed with TEN moves remaining!

  • Typically, Lexter has more moves remaining per level... often averaging 3 to 5 per level. The levels are also a little easier. Lexette and Lex Junior provide a MUCH tougher challenge. Some of the levels were even tough for the authors to complete after the games were done without looking at the maps!


    The LexEngine is Copyright 1997 by Prowler Productions, written by Mike Snyder. It's based upon the DOS game of the same name (Lexter I and Lexter II) which are freeware and might be added to our site for free downloading at a later date. The DOS versions were also written by Mike Snyder, and add additional features such as a grappling hook, land mines, bombs, and more.

    If you are interested in adding any of our LexEngine games to your site, simply email us for pricing info (they're pretty cheap). Let your visitors play games at YOUR web site!