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    Thursday, Dec. 2nd, 1999 SAGE Placed On Hold

      Development of our Scripted Adventure Game Engine is currently on standby as we once again focus our efforts on StarLock which will be our 2nd web-based RPG/Adventure. Visit the StarLock site often for progress updates.

      SAGE development is not scheduled to resume any time soon. A number of factors have been considered in our decision to postpone SAGE, not the least of which is a large lack of interest in such a project from the IF Community at large. StarLock development also appears to be a better financial decision for Prowler Productions at this time.

      For specific questions about SAGE and the future of this project, email Wyndo@Prowler-Pro.Com.

    Monday, Nov. 15th, 1999 Lunatix Is Released!

      Today is the final day of voting for the 5th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition. What this means for us (and you) is that our latest “IF” game (Lunatix: The Insanity Circle) is now available for general downloading HERE. To read more info about it and to see a few thumbnail screenshots, go to the Lunatix Online home page HERE and read today's news (11-15-99).

      Development of SAGE is (unfortunately) at a crawl. “Real life” has gotten in the way temporarily. We moved! We've been pretty busy getting settled in. So, no new “SAGE” news to report at present.

    Wednesday, Oct. 27th, 1999 Development Continues.

      As work on the SAGE system continues, I'm implementing “Cloak of Darkness” (info here). This is a very small, very simple “game” which has been proposed by Roger Firth as a means of comparing the different IF authoring systems.

    Monday, Oct. 25th, 1999 Welcome to the SAGE Site.

      We have an idea.

      It isn't a new idea or a unique one. It's not amazing and it isn't cutting edge. It's SAGE, the Scripted Adventure Game Engine. Development is still in early stages but the core of the engine already works.

      SAGE is yet another in a widening field of adventure game systems. Initially to be released for Windows (95/98/NT) platforms, SAGE will later be “ported” as a web-based engine so anybody with internet access and a 4.0 (or newer) browser can enjoy SAGE games online. With the success of Lunatix Online, we've come to realize that good web games are in short supply and high demand.

      Shown below are four screenshots taken from SAGE (some showing sample scenes from Darklane, one of the first games which will be released for the SAGE engine). To see the full-size version of any screen shot, simply click on it. (News continues after pics.)

Prototype of the SAGE “waiting” screen (no game loaded).

Part of the intro to Darklane (in development with the engine).

A sample screenshot from Darklane, showing cryogenic pods.

Same as above, but a larger screen. SAGE resizes to fit!

      Interactive Fiction (abbreviated as “IF”) are games (typically text-based) where you communicate with the game by typing your commands. If it sounds complicated or boring, it's really not -- and it's fun! As an example, try our Breath Pirates text adventure game (written more than two years ago). Although this isn't the best example of IF, it's interesting in its own way. Type HELP inside the game to get instructions on how to play. Breath Pirates is completely text-based. Our SAGE engine will support graphics as well (although text-only games can be developed).

      After November 15th, we'll be able to post Lunatix: The Insanity Circle here for download. It isn't a SAGE game, but it's another (more recent) IF game we think you'll enjoy (especially if you're a Lunatix Online player).

      We've recieved many questions about StarLock. Has it been abandoned? Are we working on it? When will it be done? Will it still be included with a Lunatix Online subscription? The answers are no, not often, we aren't sure, and yes. We did meet about StarLock two weeks ago to discuss the plot and development. We now know what it's going to be about (LOL). What we don't know, now, is if it will be web-based or if we'll develop a special client. Lunatix Online has fared well as a multiplayer CGI game, but StarLock may not because of its complexity. Although development is being postponed, it isn't abandoned. =)

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