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What Is It?
This is a 2-player strategy game where you compete against others by taking turns placing segments of pipe on the game board. Build your PipeLine from one edge of the game board to the other before your opponent blocks you off and wins instead.
Is This Free?
Yes, you can play for free and join up to 5 games. As an added bonus to those who are paid subscribers of Lunatix, you can link to your Lunatix character (in "Prefs" inside PipeLine). This gives you the added ability to set a default pipe color, use the graffiti wall, AND opt to be involved in as many as 99 games.
Browser Game?
Yes. Play using your Netscape or MSIE web browser. AOL, WebTV, and Opera may or may not function correctly. PipeLine doesn't use Java or require any plug-ins. It's all HTML and JavaScript for the browser client, and Perl CGI for the server.
It's Turn-Based?
Yes, once you've placed a segment of pipe, it's your opponent's turn. If both of you happen to be online at once, you might be able to finish the game in a few minutes. If you log on at different times, the game may take days to complete. It's especially fun if you play frequently during the day, so turns are traded rapidly.
Display Probs?
If your display doesn't look similar to the screenshots shown at the right, it could be that your desktop isn't at 800x600 resolution or higher. Also, be sure the default font size is used. For Internet Explorer, this may be the "Medium" setting for the "Text Size" option under the "View" menu. In Netscape, you may need to "Decrease Font" in the "View" menu if you had previously enlarged it.
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Sunday, April 24th, 2005

      PipeLine Face-Lift: The pipe icons were recently updated, to provide more vibrant, easy-to-see colors. Four additional color choices were added as well. The screenshots have been updated, too. (see the right sidebar). If you're interested in playing a fun, free, two-player online game of strategy, just sign up. Check the player list, the news, and the message wall (all inside the game) to find out who's active and awaiting challenges! Remember, your opponent may not be online, and games can take some time to finish as a result. Just take your turn in each game, and check back later for your opponent's move. Oh, and the max number of games has been changed from 5 for non-Lunatix players, up to 15. Three times as many now! Just change your max in the “Prefs” area.

Saturday, February 1st, 2003

      "Forfiet" Exploit Fixed: TonemanJediMaster uncovered an exploit which would allow score faking by using the "Forfiet" option. Although I would have preferred for an email about this, instead of the "prove by doing it" method, at least the exploit has been found and fixed. Two changes were made to correct this. First, the "Forfiet" option will only appear after 10 days of inactivity in a game. This gives your opponent a chance to cancel the game you're not playing, instead of getting a forfieted win unexepectedly. Second, the lowest score possible was Zero (I never thought anybody would purposely drop in rankings). The lowest score possible is now 500, which will prevent unrealistic score weights when calculating point loss/gain.

      Seeking "Open Source" Manager: PipeLine has tons of unused potential. There are several features I would like to add, but simply don't have time with other projects in the works. For instance, I would like to see a way to "sit in" on other games, to see what kind of strategies and gameplay is taking place. I would also like to update the pipe graphics to look crisper and nicer, which would include lots more possible pipe colors to choose from. Third, there are some useful admin features that are lacking (easy player banning, the ability to moderate the chat/wall). A few weeks ago, I actually had a list of all the new things I would like to add to PipeLine.
      I would like to make PipeLine an Open Source project, to get all these new features added (I'll post some of the other ideas as I remember them). The right person for this project would need to be very experienced in Perl, be familiar with Open Source management (SourceForge, for instance), and be dedicated to spending time on PipeLine development. If you fit these requirements, and would like to spearhead the move of PipeLine into the Open Source community, please email me: The original announcment was posted several weeks ago to the MPOGD forums here.

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Game Rules
(1) Only ONE account per person is allowed. No exceptions. No tolerance.
(2) Public messages should be kept clean and friendly. No profanity.
(3) Although we've tried to close any & all loop-holes, cheating is NOT allowed here.
(4) You should play often to keep games going. If you decide not to come back, forfiet your games after 10 days idle.
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