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Lunatix for WG 3.0 for NT/95/DOS!!!!!!!

Download   Lunatix 5.xx for WG 3.0 NT/95   Current version is 5.3F.

Download   Lunatix 5.xx for WG 3.0 DOS   Current version is 5.3F.

Download   Lunatix 5.xx for WG 1.0/2.0 and MBBS 6.25   Current version is 5.3F.

Lunatix 5.xx for WorldGroup was officially released for sale on September 15, 1996. Lunatix is a wild & crazy adventure inside an Insane Asylum. In this game you can flirt with the nurse, fight against shadow monsters, kill other players in the game, visit Sigmund's Therapy Lounge, create potions and attempt to escape (just to name a few things). This particular version was written specifically for BBSs that run WorldGroup. There have been many IGMs added recently for use in Lunatix. To see what IGMs have been added, follow the IGM link below or click on the IGM icon in the left frame box. Lunatix 5.xx Demo can be found at Connections BBS (telnet address: and on Galacticomm Demo Sys (telnet address: You may also download it from this page (see below). Registration of the game can be made via on-line check at Connections BBS. The registration fee is $300.00 and includes free upgrades to the game. There is also the option of purchasing the two user version of the game for smaller BBSs. The price of the two user registration is $150.00. There is also a door version of the game available. For further information on the door version, please visit the link to N-E-Ware below.

Lunatix Door version can be found at N-E-Ware's Home Page.

Check out the available IGMs.

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