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Distant Places (Not Lunatix Related)
Distant Places is an IGM "EXPANDER" for WG T-LORD. Why is it so special? It opens up a new kind of IGM for T-LORD, SCRIPTS, like in Lunatix! Why is this better? 1) A "true" IGM module uses RAM to load, but DP scripts don't! 2) Only ISV's with an expensive kit can write a "true" IGM module... DP modules can be written by ANYBODY... free kit! 3) Constraints limit outrageous $$/expr. You need Distant Places as your doorway to T-LORD script IGM's which are available for download on this page. Distant Places sells for $40.00.
Available for Major BBS / WorldGroup 1 & 2 and WorldGroup 3 for Windows 95/NT.

Download it today!!

Distant Places
Current version is 1.2d.
For Major BBS / WorldGroup 1 & 2.

For WorldGroup 3 for Windows 95/NT.

Lunatix & T-LORD IGM Developer's Kit

Now you can create your own Lunatix and T-LORD IGM's!! Write IGM's for these popular games easily! This kit includes an offline viewing utility so ANYBODY can write and test a Lun/Lord IGM without the need for Worldgroup! Write 'em at home! Also included is a utility to take an ANSI picture and turn it into a Lunatix-style color-coded file you can place into an IGM script! Also included is documentation for the LunScript (Lunatix IGM Script) file language which explains the command set you use to write IGM's! Download our free Lunatix and T-LORD IGM Developer's Kit:

The following T-LORD Distant Places scripted IGM's are current as of 21 September 1997. The most recent IGM's (as we receive them) are listed first. To install one, simply download it and (after you've installed T-Lord and Distant Places) PKUNZIP it into your BBS's CXOLIGMS directory.

Evansmite the Oracle
9/21/97 -- 4k
Written by Mike Snyder (Wyndo).

iNSaNe BlakJak for T-LORD.
4/8/97 -- 7k
Written by Devin Lisenbach/liQuid.

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The Dragon's Dungeon.
4/26/97 -- 13k
Written by Mike Snyder (Wyndo).

The Stables.
5/14/97 -- 5k
Written by Interceptor.

The Temple of Zolain.
6/28/97 -- 11k
Written by Mike Snyder (Wyndo).

The Cemetary.
6/21/97 -- 36k
Written by Devin Lisenbach/liQuid.

Quest for the Golden Condor.
8/3/97 -- 57k
Written by Mike Snyder (Wyndo).

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