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Elemental P. 1.0
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Current Events & Timeline
(or, the latest news in reverse order)

Thursday, September 30th, 1999
The Dink Network: For everybody who's been looking for a Dink site that's still updated (sorry that this one is not) and haven't found one, go visit right now! I just checked it out (yeah, I know I'm behind) and it's a great site! They're even (at least at present) using the web poll script (ProwlerPoll) that I wrote. How cool is that! :)

In addition, the word is that Dink will become freeware. If that's the case, I believe there will be a new spark in the Dinkiverse (new players new D-Mods, etc) and that can only be good. This might just be a rumor though, but you can bet that The Dink Network will keep you informed.

To see what I've been up to, be sure to visit my company's home page at Earlier this year we finally took the plunge and filed for a tax ID number and all that good jazz to be a “legally recognized” company. Yay for us!

Tuesday, December 8th, 1998
Prophecy of the Ancients: I've been so busy with Lunatix Online lately that I haven't played any D-Mods. This one, Prophecy of the Ancients 2.01 is the FULL version of Nexis' prior demo. The interesting thing about this D-Mod is that it's being widely hailed as the largest and the absolute best D-Mod of all times! It sounds just incredible, and I can't wait for some free time to play it through. Visit Gary Hertel's site, The Dink Darkwoods, which is possibly the best, most frequently updated Dink site around! While there, you can pick up the full source code to his incredible Prophecy D-Mod as well! WOOOHOOOO!!! :)

Trick Or Treat... in December. Well... I'm a little late posting this D-Mod. I also haven't played this one, but I believe it's fairly small but fun. Download Trick or Treat 1.0 now and give it a shot!

Sunday, October 25th, 1998
New Dink Stuff: The D-Mod “Revenge of the Cast” (which has been out for several weeks now) has just been added to the TimeLine. Sorry for the delay, Layne. Also, a brand new D-Mod, “The Quest for Cheese 1.0” ( by Jaime B. has just been released, but I don't have any timeline info from the author on that one.

Lack of Updates: I know there haven't been very frequent updates... and that is going to continue (I think) for a few weeks. I haven't noticed many “new” things happening in the Dinkiverse, but I always try to add new D-Mods and Timeline info (for D-Mods, be sure to send me a URL/Link, not the file itself).

In addition to lack of news in the Dinkiverse, I'm still very hard at work on Lunatix Online (not Dink-Related at all). We're starting some early Beta Testing hopefully around November 1st, so if you're interested you can sign up to be considered for beta testing. Depending on current trends and my present mood after it's done, I will probably begin on Sedition Factor after that... still, best-case-scenario, it will be Spring 1999 before it's done if I start on it after Lunatix Online.

Friday, October 9th, 1998
Our Web-Based RPG: Well, STILL doesn't work, but you can still visit the Prowler Productions home page at now. The Prowler home page is the new hub for EVERYTHING now. I've decided to keep separate "web sites" for each thing (Dink D-Mods... BBS Door Games... Worldgroup Games... Javascript Games...) just like before, but they're all linked out of the central Prowler Productions home page now. When the new domain is working, the URL's may change as well.

Now, about our Web-Based RPG, Lunatix Online. A brand new page has just gone up for it at The URL will be when our domain is working. The new page has information about our upcoming web-based RPG.

For those who are familiar with Lunatix already, you'll find a world of new things in this version, including player marriages (inluding “real” marriage ceremonies to make it official), teams/gangs... fully-integrated chat, and lots more. The Insane Asylum has never been so robust! <grin> For those of you who are NOT already familiar with the Lunatix BBS game, I think you'll be in for a great experience if you chose to sign up for a free 1-week trial subscription... you might just decide to join as a full player!

It's still in development (unfortunately it doesn't create itself -- I'm putting in hours and hours of hard work on it). Keep an eye on the Lunatix Online page (URL above) for all the latest info!

What about Dink Smallwood D-Mods? I'm sure to get back to it when I'm ready to start Sedition Factor. Keep sending URL's to new D-Mods and submit your Dink Timeline info! I'm still updating this page too! :)

Sunday, October 4th, 1998
More Timeline Info: I've added several D-Mods to the timeline (Cast Awakening, Lost in Dink, Kill the Ducks, Dink's Vacation, and The Dragon Raid). The Dinkiverse is filling up!

One note about the timeline -- from time to time I get emails from people who are confused about where they can download certain D-Mods (they give me a list) and they're always asking about D-Mods that obviously came from the timeline. Be sure to look at the STATUS of each D-Mod... it tells you if the D-Mod is available already, or whether it's still under development.

New D-Mods Available: Both of these are reportedly very good, although I have yet to play either one. The new games are Revenge of the Cast and Lost in Dink 2.0. As far as I know, I don't have any timeline information for Revenge of the Cast (so I'm hoping it doesn't conflict with “Cast Awakening” which has now been added).

Saturday,September 26th, 1998
Changes Coming Soon: I've been hard at work on Lunatix Online, which is a non-Dink multiplayer RPG for the web. This... and working very long days at my job... has kept me way too busy. They tell me the long days are supposed to end by Monday, and I'm hoping that's true.

I just registered a domain name, I'm going to move everything under the Prowler Productions name (formerly only used for our Worldgroup/MajorBBS games). We're also going to arrange the prowler-pro site so that it includes all my other sites. This might take some time to configure, and last I checked my ISP had not gotten the domain name into their name server yet. In the end, instead of having 5 different unrelated sites, there should be a single one that includes everything.

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