Sunday,September 6th, 1998
Reset Dinkanoid Scoreboard: The Scoreboard for Dinkanoid was just reset. I'll only say this ONE time. You can use it to post your scores NOT OBTAINED by cheating. Cheating includes ANYTHING that causes the game not to be played as it was intended -- editing it so you can't die... changing hardness... adding scripts... “lagging” your computer with other running programs so your CPU time is less. I don't care if you do these things, but if you do then have the good manners NOT to post your score on the scoreboard. If it is abused again, the scoreboard will be totally removed.

I've had some people tell me that they got a high score not by cheating but because their computer is slow. This is not true. Dinkanoid runs at the same speed from a 133-Mhz machine all the way to 400-Mhz and beyond. If it was slower, it means you opened other programs to run at the same time to MAKE it run slower. If you don't have a 133-Mhz machine, then you aren't running a machine fast enough to support Dinkanoid at all.

Updated the FAQ: The D-Mod Author's FAQ just received a much-needed update. I've added more editor keys that I'd missed. I added information on using visions, and more! Check it out. If you are new to Dink Programming, it is VITAL that you check the faq (it includes a topic list at the top) before you ask questions in my N-E-Ware Forums. Questions that could have been answered if you'd read the FAQ will likely be ignored in the forum. I've spent hours writing the information contained there, because it's better to answer questions one time that each and every time somebody asks it. If your question isn't answered in the FAQ, or if you need clarification, feel free to ask... but if it appears that you didn't check the FAQ or didn't pay any attention to the answer in the FAQ, what good is it for me to re-explain exactly what's in the FAQ when you could just as easily read it yourself?

On a similar topic, I'm getting lots of email from people either asking me to teach them to program D-Mods, or asking individual D-Mod programming questions. I simply don't have the time and energy to respond to these questions 1 on 1 through email. It doesn't help me to repeat answers over and over for each person, plus it doesn't benefit other authors when the answer to their question was nestled away in an email instead of on the public forum where it belongs. If you have D-Mod related questions, please utilize my Author's Forum. I'm not the only one who can answer your question I'm sure, so sending it to me in email wastes everybody's time, plus other people can benefit from the answer if it's placed on the forum. Emails specifically asking me to teach you to program D-Mods will be ignored. I might be willing to teach you to program, at the rate of $25 an hour in 1-on-1 chat sessions. This is roughly what I'm paid as a software engineer.

New version of Dink Arena: I've posted version 1.5 of Mike Kanter's “Dink Arena” HERE.

No more 3rd-party ZIPS: I will no longer upload 3rd party zips to my web server. This means if you've released a D-Mod, feel free to send me a copy or ask me to post a link, but be aware that I'll need a URL to post on my D-Mod list. Send me a URL that I can list. I will no longer be adding the files themselves to my site, just a link to the file from somebody else's site. Please do not email me asking me to upload your file to my web host. I will not do it. No more exceptions.

The Goblin War: Nate Collins sent me information about his Goblin War D-Mod which takes place 105 years before Dink's original adventure. The main character is Dink's great-great-great grandfather, Nicholas Smallwood. I posted some info on the Timeline about it. Nate sent me LOTS more info than I could fit on the timeline. From the sounds of it, this D-Mod has a kick-ass plot and uses characters that will also be found in the “Split Eternity” D-Mod which is in the works by another author. Nate didn't know when The Goblin War will be done, but he says it's passed the point of no-return... the point at which it makes more sense to finish it than abandon it.

Speaking of the Timeline, I may be pruning it soon. Some of the D-Mods listed have been “in development” for months and months. If you are working on a D-Mod which is listed on the Timeline, please Email me with a status report. Is it still being worked on? Has it been abandoned?

Saturday, September 5th, 1998
The contest is CANCELLED! It has come to my attention that some of the “high scores” in the Dinkanoid contest were obtained by cheating. I have no way of knowing which (if any) of the high scores are actually real, so I have no choice but to cancel the contest. Those who cheated, even if they don't speak up, owe a big appology to the people who didn't... the people who took the contest at face-value and may have added legit scores that placed them among the top 10 players.

I originally posted quite a bit about this, but I've decided to shorten things and just suffice it to say that the contest is cancelled due to cheating. Subsequently, this will be the last contest of this type that I sponsor.

Wednesday, August 2nd, 1998
Mild Restructuring: It's probably not very noticible, but I've made a few small changes such as making buttons for the "D-Mods" and "Links" pop-ups. I've also added the D-Mod “Moorack and the Pillbugs” (version 3) which you can download HERE. One thing to keep in mind when installing this one, it appears that he zipped it up with a MOORACK folder included, so when unzipping, simply unzip it into your main DINK directory. It will create its own D-Mod folder called MOORACK.

Dinkanoid Contest: Just a few more days left in the Dinkanoid High Score contest. Even if you don't have a high score, feel free to add your “low” scores to the Scoreboard.

My Next D-Mod: My next D-Mod, Sedition Factor, may be started soon. I'll be releasing it WITH the Dink Engine included (an arrangement with RTSoft). This means I can market it completely as a stand-alone game. People who don't own Dink can still play my game. It's going to be a full-sized game with lots of new ideas and a great story. The stand-alone version will probably cost around $15. I'll probably release a D-Mod version for $5 to $10 (not sure yet) so that people who already own Dink can play my game at a discount.

Once development is well underway and it begins to take shape, I'll send some info to a few of the gaming sites. When it's ready, I'll probably submit free copies to some of the game magazines and review sites. Since it'll be a stand-alone game, I'll have a better chance of getting more exposure than I would if it were a D-Mod requiring the Dink CD to play.

So, what's it going to be about? I have some really cool ideas. As for the plot, Sedition Factor begins where Dink's Doppelganger ended.

Dink is in jail with Ash. For about a year, Ash has known about Dink's run-in with Hembar which resulted in the evil wizard being sent forward in time (to the point where Dink's Doppelganger began). Well, Ash feels that the time is right to explain all of this to Dink (who lost all memory of it at the end of Elemental Peace). Dink breaks out of jail and the adventure begins. His evil double from the “alternate” universe (a-la Dink's Doppelganger) has set himself up as a dictator, riding on the good fame of the REAL dink. Not realizing that this is an evil double, the people of the land fall victim to his plan for domination. The evil Dink killed Annie (to be explained) shortly before Dink arrived back from the alternate world. The rap is pinned on the REAL Dink, which is why he was thrown in Jail.

This doesn't please the Zolan Empire, who have been watching from their far-away homeworld (sort of). They're infuriated because Hembar killed the Zolan Elder (Mallaki). Now, this alternate Dink is taking over. So, the Zolans launch thier attack.

...and this is only the beginning. :)

Monday, August 31st, 1998
The Scoreboard is ready: You know, I wish my web server allowed me to compile C on their server. This would be SO much easier. But, I got it working in Perl, from scratch. It's my high-score CGI! Visit it HERE!! When your game ends in Dinkanoid, write down your SCORE and your LSPAN value (both will be shown to you when the game ends) to enter into the high score table.

Please only enter your highest score. If you later get an even higher score, feel free to come back and enter it too. I wrote it to keep the top 100 scores. The top 10 players listed on the scoreboard as of Saturday evening at 11:59 PM (Central Time) will win the cash prizes. Good luck!

For now, be sure to keep a copy of your Score on paper... just in case something goes wrong with my CGI (I don't expect it to, but this was a rush-job so you never know).

I'd like to remind everybody that the contest and the high score board are for fun. Please don't abuse it. I plan to leave the high score board up even after the contest ends, possibly resetting it from time to time (maybe leaving the all-time top 10 up, not sure). All I ask is that you use it in the spirit of fun, and if you participate in the contest, please do it for fun. :)

New Timeline Stuff: I've added info about two upcoming D-Mods to the Timeline: Rebirth of a Legend, and Dink Smallwood's Comedy Club. I also added Valley of the Talking Trees.

I want to remind everybody that I only add D-Mods at the authors request. Usually I don't know WHEN they take place or what the plot is, so there is no sense in my trying to figure it all out to add to the chrongraphy. Some people have emailed me asking why I never added their D-Mod. The answer is simple... because you never sent me the information! :)

New Dink Site: Tim K. Maurer has just started a Dink Website called Dink Planet. Be sure to check it out!

Sunday, August 30th, 1998
Dinkanoid is finally here!!! The much-anticipated “un-DMOD” has finally been released. This is version 1.1. It did pretty good in Beta Testing, but it was determined that at least a Pentium 133Mhz is needed to run it (anything less and it's going to be choppy and not all the graphics show up, so it's basically unplayable). Download Dinkanoid 1.1 HERE!

Now, about the “Special Surprise” I spoke of. In a day or two (as soon as I get the time to write an interactive high score board for my web site) I'll start a HIGH SCORE CONTEST! I'll award $20 to the top score, $10 each to 2nd through 5th, and $5 each to 6th through 10th places (Payments will be US $ only, personal check). The contest will run about a week. Until it starts, feel free to practice up and get ready for the contest. Only your highest score at the end of the contest will count (so 10 different people will win prizes).

One note about the contest. Dinkanoid isn't perfect. Some beta reports were that it even locks up, but we think it might just be the Dink engine. I don't really know. If you DO experience a problem, feel free to report bugs, but I DO NOT want any hate-mail because something happens and your all-time high score is lost while you're playing because of some nebulous problem. This contest is FOR FUN only. Everybody has an equal chance of winning. I'm even going to let my beta testers participate after all (if they want to) because the game wasn't even completed when they tested. If people turn this into some kind of big deal and arguments are started and people get mad at me over bugs (if any) in the game, I CAN and I WILL stop the contest and call the whole thing off. Let me repeat: This is FOR FUN. Please don't email me your high scores. I'll post more info and make an interactive scoreboard soon, then the contest will begin.

Sunday, August 23rd, 1998
Dinkanoid (I think it rocks): It's not going to be flawless. The area of biggest problem is that I've determined it to be next to impossible to totally get the ball to riccochet off blocks right. It's usually just fine... it hits the bottom edge of a block, it bounced back down... it hits the left edge, it bounces to the right... fine. But, especially when it's going fast, it'll sometimes hit the very corner and continue on the same path. For die-hard Arkanoid fans, it may take some getting used to... but probably not much because for the most part it works just fine.

I've added seven bonus items, changed the paddle and ball graphics to look better than what was in the screen shots. One of the bonus items is “Lazer Paddle” which is something out of Arkanoid and kicks ass.

When will it be released? Soon, I hope. Probably within a week. I have half the levels already designed, and all the coding is done (unless I add a high-score board). So, I'm guessing it'll be done pretty soon.

Links and Dinks: I've decided to make a floating window appear for D-MODS and LINKS. I've added two new links... The Dink World Order and The Dink Darkwoods. But that's not all. In the ongoing downpour of new D-Mods, I've added two of the latest ones... 2001: A Dink Odyssey and Labyrinth Demo.

The Timeline Debate: I started the timeline LOOOONG ago with the hopes of helping structure the “Dink Universe.” It worked for a while... back when I was the only one writing D-Mods (grin). The reason it isn't working now is because nobody is paying attention to it. Visit the timeline HERE! I've just updated it with info about “Split Eternity” which is a new D-Mod that takes place three years after the original Dink and is still in development by Dan Elkins.

The idea of the timeline is to provide a life for Dink that actually works. Dink Smallwood is no different from your favorite TV show or your favorite comic book. Those things work because each story, in some way, fits the overall theme. Dink Smallwood isn't just a game... it's MUCH more than that. It's an ongoing story that EVERY D-MOD AUTHOR has an OBLIGATION to. Don't just write a D-Mod without paying attention to the story. I mean, I know most of us are young (REALLY young in some cases). This is a great opportunity for you guys. Get a little experience working as a widespread team. Communicate. Respect the ideas and plot lines of other authors. If you think your plotline might conflict, email the author of the other D-Mod and see if things can be worked out. It's not hard to do, and I feel it's VERY important. Don't treat Dink like a 3rd-rate hack-and-slash... it has so much room for development... respect it.

Wednesday, August 19th, 1998
Problem on the new Dink CD: RT-Soft's latest batch of Dink Smallwood CD's has some game-stopping bug in the town of Kernsin. Quick to recover, Seth has released a Dink-Fix Patch which you will need to install ONLY if your copy of Dink is one of the new ones that were shipped over the last few days. From here on out, the patch will be included on a floppy disk with every order.

Dinkanoid Is Coming: It's looking good. The basic engine is almost completely done, now it's just time to add more levels! I got bonus items to work... two bonus are scripted, but I'm having problems with some of the traditional ones like triple-ball, long paddle, and super speed. I've added "free life" and "25-point bonus" so far. I'll add more. This game rocks. It's gonna be HARD though. I made the trajectory (however you spell that) change when it hits blocks... you just have to see it. It's going to be cool. Anyway I like it. I'm dubbing it the “UN-DMod” hehehe.

I also have a special surprise in store to coincide with the release of Dinkanoid... probably. :)

Even MORE new D-Mods! It's like a snowball headed downhill! Check out these new D-Mods from other authors!

Dink Arena (by Mike Kanter).
Dink Smallwood Infinity (by Tim Maurer... he's only 12!!)
Dink: All Out Brawl (by... not sure. Haven't played it yet)
Dinkzilla 1.1 (Updated version from Jeffzilla).

I'm going to move the D-Mods to a page of their own soon... It's getting a little bit overwhelming to keep them all on the main page navigation bar...

Updated the D-Mod Skeleton: If you have the old D-Mod skeleton, you need to add two things to fix a couple bugs. Simply edit main.c and add the global int &missle_source (yes, it must be misspelled like that) set to 0. Also, edit main.c and change the line that says sp_map to instead say &player_map = 400; and you'll be updated.

There are a few things I need to point out about using the skeleton. First, remember to edit the DMOD.DIZ file. A lot of people are releasing D-Mods and the description file says "D-Mod skeleton" -- pretty confusing. Also, remember to delete files that you don't need to include with your D-Mod, primarily just the skeleton.txt file. Be sure you READ the skeleton.txt file... lots of important info there!

Download the D-Mod Skeleton B HERE or simply make those two simple changes to the original.

New URL for the Dink Message Board: Medar's Official Dink Smallwood Message Board has changed servers! Update your bookmarks to the new URL,

Sunday, August 16th, 1998
New Dinkanoid Screenshots: I told myself I was going to keep the whole thing a surprise... then I decided (once it was actually working) to release the name and a title screen pic. Well, Now I've decided to release a couple more screen shots. These might be subject to change, not sure yet.

Progress is going REALLY well. I'm making several screens per level. Once you beat a level, the game auto-saves to the appropriate slot so you can continue from the beginning of that level later (if you continue, your score is reset but you get all 6 paddles back). The bad this is that each time I add a new feature, it seems like two other things break and I spend an hour debugging code that previously worked. ARGH! Believe me, this is NOT easy... but it sure is fun!!! I'm debating on whether or not to add in all the bonus items. Right now there are NO bonues (i.e. sticky paddle, lazer paddle, fast paddle, slow ball, and all the things from the arcade game). I think it will be a lot more fun with those extras added, so I'll give it a shot. I'm just ready to start making tons of levels and wrap it up and release it... but I'll try to be patient and develop it the way it deserves. :)

Saturday, August 15th, 1998
Dink Forever 1 and 2: An update to Dink Forever was just released. Also, a sequel to Dink Forever called Dink Unlimited was also released. Check them out!

Interest in Dinkanoid: WOW!!! It seems a lot of people are interested in my upcoming D-Mod. Seth has been emailing me ideas (thanks man!!!) and It's even been mentioned on the Vault Network. Keep in mind that it's still being done under the confines of the Dink Engine. It's probably not going to be an exact clone of Arkanoid by any means, but the general play will be the same. Also, I'm not totally sure I'm going to get the riccochet effect off blocks to work 100% accurate (sometimes it'll pass through the smaller blocks instead of bouncing if it's going really fast, etc). I am going to try to add in some extras though, like the bonus items and such.

I plan on working on it today. I'd like to get a lot done, but I might be called in to the office today or tomorrow (or both)... not sure. I'd have worked on it last night but I took a new girl I'm kinda seeing to dinner and to see “Saving Private Ryan.” I expect to get a lot done this weekend though, at any rate.

Wednesday, August 12th, 1998
Valley of the Talking Trees: Dukie's first-ever D-Mod, from what I've seen so far, is bad-ass!!! I haven't had a chance to play past a couple dozen screens but it's freakin cool so far. Download Valley here! Netscape users may have to SHIFT-CLICK the link for it to work...

Dink Solutions: I've added a link to Dink Solutions, which is a site that features walkthroughs for EVERY D-Mod... they seem to beat them seemingly before they're even released! Stuck? Check out the walkthrough.

Dinkanoid Progress: It's coming along. The ball bouncing off blocks isn't 100% accurate. Sometimes it kinda fools you. I'll try to work on it, but it's actually pretty cool as it is, so even if I can't get it to perform a little better, it's still gonna be a fun, playable game.

Tuesday, August 11th, 1998
A Work in Progress: Okay, I didn't want to announce this new D-Mod until I knew it was going to work. Believe me, it hasn't been easy, but it's now to the point where it's actually PLAYABLE! WOO HOO! It's called Dinkanoid... a simple version of the old Arkanoid/Breakout games (some of my favorites). That's why I needed the missile brain to work... because the ball has to be able to strike and destory blocks on the screen.

I also have plans for at least two more arcade games... maybe more. I'm planning “Dink Tetris” (might be hard, but I think I can do it)... and Pac-Dink (i.e. Pac Man). After Dinkanoid is done I might decide that this is just too hard though. Heheheheh.

Thursday, August 6th, 1998
More Dink Sites: Yes, there are even MORE Dink sites appearing. Can you believe it??? Check out the Smokin HQ and Jeffzilla's Page.

More new D-Mods: Check out Dinkzilla, Dink Forever, and Legend of Smallwood. I've played DinkZilla... started playing Dink Forever (a little buggy but I'm sure he'll be releasing an updated version)... but I haven't had the chance to play Legend of Smallwood yet. These are all first efforts for these guys (I think) which is a great feat in itself!

My Next D-Mod: I'm not sure if I'll do Sedition Factor next or not... I'm thinking maybe a small (maybe even unrelated) D-Mod first. As much as I'm working on the AT&T project on my job, I'm REALLY getting burnt out. Even my weekends haven't been my own, lately. By the time I get home, I feel liking doing nothing but chatting with friends online. It's hard to work on computers at work for 12 hours then come home and get motivated. But, I plunge forward. When I figure out what I'm gonna work on next, I'll post the info.

Sunday, August 2nd, 1998
Elemental Peace is here! Can you believe it! I spent forever working on it, or so it seems. Still, it's a pretty small game. This concludes the Quest for Arithia trilogy. It's pretty cool... I really like the rooms I did for this game. Anyway, I've spent all night working on this to finish it... I've given it a play-through and fixed some last-minute bugs. Everything seems to work just fine. I would like to give it more testing but I'm too tired and I really wanted to release it. So, Here it is... Elemental Peace 1.0. Enjoy!

Friday, July 31st, 1998
More Links: More Dink Sites are cropping up! It's wonderful! Okay, check out Smallwoods, Thom C. Vedder's Page, The D-Mod Zone, and the correct link to DinkWorld. Also, Kevin Kazimir has posted a great History of Dink.

Prophecy of the Ancients: I really like this D-Mod, even though I haven't gotten very far (I can make 'em but I sure suck playing 'em). The intro is great! I think we're likely to see more great things from him. This is the 3rd release... a “beta” really, but I suspect the small problems from earlier versions are fixed now -- the problem I had of not unfreezing aftering moving a pillar has been fixed. Download Prophecy HERE!

Elemental Peace: Coming soon. Working on the ending. Sorry for the delay.

Sunday, July 26th, 1998
I Moved: I've been really busy all weekend moving. Those who know about my fiance leaving me (basically because I spent way more time working on D-Mods than I spent with her... biggest mistake of my life) know that it's been a tough few weeks for me. Well, I decided to move back in with my friends... where I lived before meeting her and moving out to begin with. What does this have to do with D-Mods? Well, only that while my head clears, I'm not working as much on D-Mods as I have in the past. Elemental Peace is just about done... in fact, I'm working on the ending which is going to be rather long I think. As for my role in The Ultimate Worlds Dink Companion CD, I've kind of phased myself out. I don't think... at least not at this point... that I could make the deadline. This doesn't mean that I won't release Sedition Factor (which was going to be on the CD). I very well may, but some things right now are just more important. I just wish I'd felt like this before losing the greatest girl in the world... so all ya'll out there who have a good relationship, don't let a computer ruin it. :(

New Dink Site: tajdXIV emailed the URL of his new Dink web site to me: Dink World. Unfortunately I don't get anything but a yellow page with some buttons at the top and an Angelfire banner... but you might have better luck than I did. That's the URL exactly as he emailed it to me but I suspect something must be wrong.

Sunday, July 19th, 1998
No more release dates: I've decided to stop setting release dates. Elemental Peace might be out later tonight... then again it might not. I've had to go into the office to work on the AT&T project this weekend so I didn't get to work on it as much as I'd planned. The only release date I'm setting is for the Companion CD, in early to mid September.

Dink HQ has moved: Kevin Kazimir has asked that all links to his web site, the Dink Headquarters, be updated. The new URL is He has also released version 1.1 of the Slaughterhouse (1st place winner in the recent D-Mod competition) and it can be downloaded here! Because of a mistake in zipping up the original version 1.0, this file is also a little smaller in size.

Reviews of Dink: I've added several links to reviews of Dink Smallwood on the left-hand navigation column. These links include GameSource, Adrenaline Vault, The Vault Network, Zentropy, HotGames.Com, SoftSeek.Com, and KickAss Games. Most reviews are VERY good... some are so-so, but none are bad. This shows that even the critics see merit in this awesome game!

Chronography is updated: More upcoming D-Mods (and one that has already been released) have been added to the Timeline. Check out info on The Legend of Nelda, Dink Smallwood: Man of Action, and Scar of David 2.

Friday, July 17th, 1998
Companion CD: The Companion CD release date has been moved forward to early September. It appears that Dink is getting more popular every day The longer we postpone a release of the CD, the less likely it is that we'll be very successful selling it.

We aren't looking for any more “partners” for the CD at this time. An open meeting was held a couple of weeks ago where anybody could join. Since the CD is going to be cheap ($25) and the profit is already being split 5 ways (after taking production costs off the top), we won't be able to pay anybody else for contributing. However, all contributions ARE welcome - we just can't pay you for them. :(

Elemental Peace coming soon: The Quest for Arithia part 3 (Elemental Peace) is coming soon. It will conclude the Arithia trilogy, and is a lead-up to “Sedition Factor: The Zolan War” (my addition to the Companion CD). Exactly when will EP be released? Start looking for it this weekend. Only a few more days of work remain before it's finished.

Sunday, July 12th, 1998
More D-Mods Added: I added several more D-Mods to my navigation column. These include updated versions of the contest D-Mods (Paranor, Dinkopolis), the original versions of the other two entries (Slaughterhouse, Pointless), Seth's Milli Vanilli adventure, and a brand new game from Thom C. Vedder called Scar of David 2 (a sequel to my original D-Mod).

This will probably be the last of the 3rd party D-Mods I can upload to my web site (two of the links are to other sites, anyway). I would still like to add links, but you'll need to give me the URL of your D-Mod so I can add that instead of the actual file. Sooner or later, my ISP is going to complain about the space I'm using.

Mistake in Scoring: I overlooked one vote. I feel bad, but I have to re-calc the scores. The point spread between Slaughterhouse & Paranor is increased a bit, but the placement for Dinkopolis (now 4.39) and Pointless (now 4.65) is swapped. I went back through all my email, and this appears to be the only vote I'd missed, other than the ones that didn't include valid information.

Arithia 3: The Quest for Arithia Part 3 (Elemental Peace) probably won't be out today... I'll be working on it all day, but I probably won't be done. After completing Arithia 3, I'll begin on my Zolan War D-Mod for the companion CD.

Saturday, July 11th, 1998
The Votes are in: Well, maybe the D-Mod competition wasn't such a great idea after all. There were only four entries and only ten judges. Is anybody out there? Is anybody playing this wonderful game? Is any of this worthwhile? [sigh].

I'm going to put all the votes in an anonymous table so you folks at home can do the math too. Each row indicates a single judge's votes for the four entries. It was a VERY close race between 1st and 2nd place... VERY close... also close between 3rd and 4th. The balance might have been turned, but some of the votes I received were not counted because they didn't bother to read the judging rules and include all the info I needed to verify their vote. I had to disqualify 3 or 4 votes because of this. :(

1st: Slaughterhouse 2nd: Paranor 3rd: Dinkopolis 4th: Pointless
5.0 10.0 1.0 2.0
7.0 6.0 3.0 4.0
7.5 5.5 4.2 5.0
4.0 3.2 4.1 2.0
4.0 5.0 3.5 3.0
9.0 6.0 4.0 7.0
6.0 7.5 5.0 3.0
7.5 8.0 7.0 4.0
5.5 6.0 5.5 7.2
8.0 6.0 5.0 4.0
6.35 6.32 4.23 4.12
So, The winner of the $100 top prize is Kevin Kazimir with “The Slaughterhouse.” Black Oak's “The Sword of Paranor” ranks a very close second, to capture the $65 2nd prize. Coming in at third, for the $35 third prize, is Kevin Bugin with “Dinkopolis.” Rounding out the competition is Thom C. Vedder's “Pointless”, which will receive a $10 runner-up prize.

That's it ladies and gents! The first-ever D-Mod competition has come to a close. Now, entries can be discussed in public forums and new versions can be released to the public. Thanks to everybody who participated, either by entering or by voting.

Prizes will be mailed out next week (on or around July 20th) -- and despite a few of the emails I've received, these guys definitely deserve it! With only three weeks to develop a D-Mod for the contest, every one of these entries is deserving! Great work guys -- and I'm looking forward to the updated versions that will be released for some of these.

Thursday, July 9th, 1998
D-Mod Comp Judging Ends in 1 Day! Just a little more than 24 hours remain in the judging phase of the 1st-ever D-Mod competition. If you haven't voted yet but would like to, download the games HERE but REMEMBER to read the rules first! I've already had to disqualify a few votes because they did not include a telephone number and/or valid email as required in the voting rules.

Elemental Peace: Elemental Peace: The Quest for Arithia part 3 is on the way. I'm hoping to release it sometime late Sunday. Do not take this as gospel... I may not make the deadline, but I hope to. In Elemental Peace, Dink confronts Hembar, finds Aritha, and gets a much better insight into what's to come in the Zolan War.

Dink & D-Mods on PC Gamer: I haven't been able to find a copy here in Wichita. I believe the people who have the August issue (as best I can tell) are subscribers... it hasn't actually hit the newsstand here yet. I hear it has a pretty good full-page write-up of Dink (Page 195 I believe). The CD includes the latest demo, as well as my Scar of David and Dink's Doppelganger D-Mods... I hear that I'm even mentioned in the article (maybe briefly). WOO HOO!!! I MUST HAVE IT! Now, if somewhere will just stock the thing! :)

The Big Picture: Talk of a new Dink CD is in the works -- not from RTSoft, but from myself and a few others. We're not yet going to devote a web site to it -- in fact, we're still trying to work out a few problems (I think) to make sure the CD is a go. Because there will be a few LARGE D-Mods made especially for the CD... and because there are costs involved just to create a CD, it will be sold for $25. Will it be in stores? No. You'll have to mail order it. Much is planned for this CD, including accepting submissions from people who'd like their free D-Mods (or D-Mod demos) included on the CD. Actually, “submission” might not be the right term. When the CD is ready to produce, we'll gather up all the free Dink-related stuff, contact the authors, and make sure they don't mind having their stuff included on the CD. If you'd like to create and donate something especially for the CD (something not available to the public for free), that would be wonderful!

Monday, July 6th, 1998
A D-Mod Skeleton! I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier! Well, I thought of it now. I just released a D-Mod Skeleton for budding new authors. Simply UNZIP it (maintain folder names, just like any D-Mod) in a new directory under you main Dink directory. In includes the files you need need to get started... a blank map (with the first room added), start files that have been fixed, my custom TS39.BMP tile set, a 640 x 480 sample title screen that you can load in your favorite editor & modify, and modified buttons graphics and button script files (to get rid of the animated arrows)!!!

If you want to write a D-Mod, but want a boost in the right direction, get this file! IT WILL SAVE YOU A LOT OF TIME!!!! You can even re-use it each time you begin a new D-Mod, so you don't have to remember which files you have to have to get started!