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About Prowler Productions

Prowler Productions is a partnership company which is owned and operated by Mike Snyder and Anna Kasl. Our objective is to produce great quality games with an emphasis on fun. We are based in Wichita, Kansas.

Meet The Crew

Although each of us have many roles, our primary focuses are listed. To see more information (or merely to get a peek at the minds and faces behind the company) click a name. These are our personal pages (pics, info, etc).

Mike Snyder: Programming and Concepts.
Anna Kasl: Primary Graphics Design.
Steven Tucker: Assistant Graphics Design.

Phase One (BBS Games)

Prowler Productions was formed in March of 1996 by Mike Snyder and Anna Kasl to be the marketing name for Lunatix 5.xx. A version had been available previously as a door game for DOS-based BBS's (Renegade, Wildcat, Telegard, etc) as Lunatix 1/2/3/4.xx and was marketed independently by Mike Snyder under the N-E-Ware name. As Prowler Productions, we also produced two additional WorldGroup/MajorBBS products; Distant Places (the ultimate T-LORD IGM) and Mystic Messages (a unique ANSI/Graffiti wall with global colors). All our prior products (including the original N-E-Ware BBS games) are still available for download and registration.

Phase Two (Web-Based Games)

In August 1998, Prowler Productions shifted focus from BBS games to Web-Based games. The BBS versions of Lunatix had been popular, so we began by rewriting Lunatix as a web-based RPG. Some testing and additional graphics were done by Steven Tucker. Lunatix Online is available for play now. Our second web-based RPG, StarLock, is currently in development but is not yet available for play. Steven is helping even more, by developing many of the graphics which will be used for StarLock, as Anna's assistant. A third web-based game has been discussed too (we have a name, a concept, and some ideas) but only time will tell if it will become a reality or not.

Phase Three (Future Plans)

We have discussed developing a more “cutting edge” kind of game by either using an RPG/3D engine, or by developing our own client. There are currently no definite plans to venture away from the web-based gaming genre at the present time though.


The entire contents of this site (except for link exchange banners displayed for other sites), including GIF/JPG graphics, HTML files, Perl/CGI, JavaScript and all else are copyright © 1999 by Prowler Productions and may not be reproduced without permission from Prowler Productions. Lunatix, Lunatix Online, StarLock, JabberChat, and the “P” logo are trademarks of Prowler Productions.