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[Thursday, 2/22/2001]: New Lunatix Shirts - WIN or BUY!         

      The New Design: We're pleased to announce our new T-Shirt design. A small batch will be printed soon, to give away as prizes to those who win the game (our last batch has been reduced to a single medium shirt and two larges, of the original “plain” styles 1 and 2). Approximately 15 of these new shirts will be printed to give away as prizes. When these are gone, we will no longer be offering T-Shirts as prizes. However, we plan to substitute their absence with other prizes, such as mouse pads. Scroll down past the shirt logo images for information about how you can BUY your own t-shirt!

Front (small image with Lunatix Smileys) and Back (large advertising-style image) of the new Lunatix T-Shirts!

      Buy a Lunatix Online Shirt! Scared that there won't be any shirts left by the time you win? Or, want to own one now without waiting until you win? Now's your chance. For a VERY limited time, you can reserve a shirt of your own. We're taking orders from now through Wednesday, February 28th. Because this is planned to be our FINAL batch of Lunatix T-Shirts, we're going to add any orders we receive to the batch we request from the printers (15 as prizes, plus any that are ordered through the end of the month). If you want one, order now!

      To order a shirt of your own, you will need to pay using PayPal (purchase by credit card). If you've been a paying Lunatix subscriber for a few months and would prefer to pay by mail, contact for information about getting your order to us in time. The price is $20 per shirt (order as many as you like, but we can't offer any discounts). This is expensive for a T-shirt, we know. However, you get a FREE MONTH of Lunatix Online time for each shirt you purchase -- a good deal if you were going to add a month to your subscription anyway.

      You have to purchase by 2/28/2001 to reserve your shirt. The following day (March 1st), the order will be taken to the printers. When you order, make sure you tell us your name and mailing address, what SIZE of shirt you want (Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large), your Lunatix character name, and mention that the $20 payment is for the Lunatix T-Shirt offer. Feel free to email us if you have questions.

      Although we don't plan to offer T-Shirts as prizes once this new batch is gone, we may still occasionally sell more. If this offer has expired, email us for information about the possibility of putting in a future Lunatix T-Shirt order.

[Tuesday, 10/24/2000]: T-Shirts in Short Supply.         

      Lots of winners! Our last batch of 20 shirts has almost dwindled to nothing, as more people continue to win the game and claim their prize. This means we'll need to have more printed soon. If you're close to winning, don't lose hope.

      New Webgames: Prowler Productions is now hosting Blue Dragon's World at War multiplayer turn-based strategy game. If you've played the board game RISK or the BBS game “Global Wars,” you're already familiar with this style of game.
      Also, Prowler Productions is about to launch a new web-based 2-player strategy game called “PipeLine.” Visit the Prowler Portal or our Home Page for the latest news.

[Sunday, 7/10/2000]: Lunatix.Net not authorized, more.         

      GKC Designs Operating Despite Requests to Stop: Due to a breach of their license agreement, the folks at have been asked to discontinue running our software. Instead of complying, they've attempted to change the offending code to “hide” what happened. They refuse to remove our software, which is our right to ask.
      If you are a subscriber at, we will add you to our game (your base player file only) if GKC Designs opts to send us your save file. At present they have not yet done this. If they opt not to transfer you to our site, you may need to request a refund from GKC Designs. If you continue to play Lunatix Online at, be aware that this is the equivalent of using pirated software.
      Because it has been a source of confusion, I wanted to clarify that is a different site -- not the same as If you are already playing at, you're at our home site, not the unlicensed GKC Designs site.

      New Interns Forthcoming: Morkie, Seeme, and Shelly have been selected and have accepted Intern responsibilities. At this time, they haven't been set up as Interns, but we're simply waiting on their info to arrive. This will bring the Intern count up to 7 -- plenty of in-game help now (and that's not even counting me).

[Sunday, 5/14/2000]: Gambit Named IGM Administrator         

      Thanks, Gambit! Robert Fogt (player Gambit, in Lunatix) has taken over the review of IGM's submitted for Lunatix Online. If you're planning to write an IGM, or have written one you wish to have evaluated for inclusion, please coordinate with Gambit now. He'll check them out and let you know what changes, if any, are necessary to approve it for the game.

      StarLock Development: It has resumed. StarLock is poised to set a new standard for web-based gaming. Check out the latest info at the StarLock Site.

[Saturday, 4/29/2000]: It's Been a While...         

      #4 at As of today, we are ranked #4 with 92 votes at! You can see their “Game of the Month” poll by scrolling toward the bottom. Thanks to everybody who has voted for us!

      Busy Busy Forums: With the introduction of our "free game time" promotion (periodic announcements which are good for free game time just by replying), the Lunatix Forum has become very active! If you are a past, present, or future player, be sure to check out the forum and join in on the discussions. It's free!

      PayPal Referral $5.00: PayPal.Com lowered their new user signup bonus to $5.00 a while back. Since we have no control over this, if you're a first user of PayPal, please don't email me demanding to know why you only received $5.00 for signing up.

      Removed Some IGMs: To keep the game more fair and balanced, some “problem” IGMs were removed from Lunatix Online. These are ones which either were way too generous with awards (particularly items), or were the source of bugs which caused some players not to be able to play at all. As a result, Prowler Productions will no longer accept submissions of small IGMs, ones which give items greater than once every 30 days, or IGMs which look raw or unfinished in any way.

      Intern Changes: Gelfend_Firehawk, Annible, and CrazyLady have recently resigned their intern positions. We've accepted Obbie and MrRightNow with one position still open (possibly to be offered to somebody who already has an application on file with us). Remember, Interns are not employees of Prowler Productions, nor are they paid (except by a gratis game account) for their assistance. Be nice to them -- they're here to help.

[Thursday, 3/09/2000]: $10 For Free - And More News!         

      More About PayPal - $10 for free!: Quite a few people have already taken advantage of this PayPal offer using our referral link. I think there is still some confusion, so I hope this answers your questions.

1) Most importantly, PayPal is easy to use. Very easy. Don't be scared.
2) You do not have to subscribe to Lunatix. You can still get $10 for free.
3) See #2. PayPal is offering you $10 even if you never intend to buy anything!
4) You need a credit card for verification only..
5) Your card is only charged if you spend more than the initial $10.
6) You don't have to buy anything. You can just cash out and get your $10! See #2.
7) Currently (unfortunately) the offer is only good for US residents right now.
8) There aren't any hidden charges. Using PayPal actually is free!
9) To see what the Wall Street Journal says about PayPal, click here.
10) Take a look at some of the uses for the PayPal service.
11) To get started, use our referral link ( referred you).

      More IGM's Coming Soon: We've got a lot of IGM's up for review. We'll post some screen shots soon. We've been very busy and haven't been able to review them to add to the game yet, but we hope to get to it very soon.

[Monday, 3/06/2000]: New Credit Card Payment Scheme         

      Now Using PayPal.Com: We are now set up with PayPal.Com to provide credit card registrations for a cheaper price. Formerly, you had to pay an additional $2 per month or $5 for 6 months in order to purchase a subscription using a credit card. Now, it will be the same price as if you mailed it!
      This gets even better. PayPal.Com has a referral program. By signing up HERE, they give you and us $10.00. The way it works is you enter your info (email address, mailing address, and at least one credit card) and you'll start an account. You can transfer money back and forth between other PayPal members and at any time, withdraw from your account. Their site explains everything. What this means to you is that you can sign up at PayPal and get $10 which means you'll have enough for 2 months of Lunatix Online -- essentially for free!
      If you don't already have a PayPal account, get one now. It's free money and if you plan to subscribe to Lunatix using a credit card, you're going to need a PayPal account.

[Monday, 2/28/2000]: Bowzer's Tea Party, and more!         

      New IGM: Player “Bowzer” has sent us Bowser's Tea Party, a Lunatix IGM in which you must pick the right attire for your dog Bowzer before attending a tea party. It's a very funny thing, with lots of combinations to try and a “perfect” outfit to discover (which changes once you find it).

      Growing and Growing and Growing: In our last news post, (1-23-2000) we reported that the Lunatix paid subscriber base was at 101 with around 600 total players. One month and a few odd days later, we've grown to 138 paying subscribers with a total player base floating around 800. We've been making other changes as well. We're now hosting web games developed by others (for example, Bluesparks' Froggy Racing). Our portal page is at We've added a web-based Solitaire game called Solitary Confinement which we developed. Thank you to everybody who's helping to make Lunatix Online and our other projects a success!

[Sunday, 1/23/2000]: Lots of News!         

      Our 5th Intern: Player “Hobbit” decided not to become a Lunatix Online Intern after previously accepting it (due to no enough time to play). So, “Dinga_Pop” will be added as our fifth and final Intern soon.

      101 Subscribers: Our paid subscriber base reached more than 100 today. WoooHooo!!! The game has been online for about a year, and with almost no “advertising,” that's pretty good. The total player count is in the 600's now. Because more players spells more load on the server, Prowler Productions is now in the planning stages of purchasing our own server and having high-speed internet installed. Currently we pay for external hosting, but the day will come soon when we need more power and speed to grow with the game.

      New IGM Coming Soon: Tim Maurer (“Tim333” who also created “The Mystery Spot” IGM) has submitted “The Quietwoods” for Lunatix Online. After a few things are worked out on it, this new IGM will be ready to add to Lunatix Online.

      For Valentines Day: In unrelated news, we're about to release a freeware game called “Cupid-Slayer.” It's silly. It's more or less pointless. But, it seems pretty fun. This is a stand-alone game for Windows 95/98/NT in which you must battle Cupid on 5 levels of increasing difficulty. Watch for Cupid-Slayer to appear soon at our free games page.

[Monday, 1/11/2000]: New T-Shirts Are In!         

      Win A Prize! When you win Lunatix Online (at, you win the prize of your choice. This may be our last batch of shirts for a while, so if you've won the game but haven't yet claimed a prize, let us know A.S.A.P. please. We printed more of design #5 than of design #7, since our order was placed before the results of our Prowler Poll showed that design #7 is by far the most popular. To see the available T-Shirt styles and quantity of sizes, visit the prize page. As our supply begins to dwindle, we may add a completely new prize (such as Lunatix mouse pads or something fun) instead of printing more shirts. Ideas for new prizes are welcome!

      Interns Already Selected: We are still getting email requests from people wanting to be a Lunatix Online Intern. At this time, we don't need to appoint any more game guides. If we need to add or replace any Interns, we'll be sure to announce it here. Also, you can bookmark the Interns page which shows if any positions are open. Remember, the people are just helping us (and you) -- it's not a paying position.

      You Missed It! Only two people caught the message from 1-7-2000 on our Lunatix Online Message Forum. We were curious to see how many people read the forums on a regular basis, so I announced that for one day only a free week was up for grabs by anybody who saw the message. Only two players caught it. We hope the rest of you will start using the forum for Lunatix-related discussions. :) The forum is free. Just register a name (it doesn't automatically know your Lunatix character name, sorry).

[Monday, 1/10/2000]: Interns Have Been Selected         

      Thanks to all who applied! A big thanks to everybody who sent in applications to be a Lunatix Online Intern (Game Guide). We selected our Interns several days ago but have been waiting on all the paperwork to arrive (we're still missing one). Players Annible, Gelfend_Firehawk, Binks, CrazyLady, and Hobbit have been selected to assist other players by answering questions, locking and unlocking accounts, and so forth. Be sure to treat our Interns with the same respect and curteousy you'd give us, since they're able (and authorized) to give warnings, lock accounts, and delete players if the need arises.

[Sunday, 12/19/1999]: We Need Your Help (Yes, Still)         

      Want To Be An Intern? Prowler Productions is now accepting applications for game Interns. These are non-paying positions (five are available) and you will be responsible for helping answer newbie questions, prevent cheating, and more. To receive an application, send your request to as soon as possible. Don't be upset if you're not picked to be a game guide. Many people are requesting this and we only need five at this time. In the future, we may have the need to add more (or replace existing) Interns, so don't give up if you're not accepted right now.

      Take Our Poll: A new Opinion Poll has been added to get your opinion on our new T-Shirt designs. To see the designs before voting, visit the prize page. We're hoping to get an idea of which shirts will be the most popular before having our next batch printed. Help us stock up on the shirt you hope to win! Update: We've just added an 8th T-Shirt design, featuring the cafeteria lady.

[Saturday, 12/18/1999]: We Need Your Help!         

      Seeking Interns Soon: We're not getting much work done. Most of our time is spent answering newbie questions, preventing cheaters, attending to locked-out accounts, and so forth. It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.Why not you? :)

      Prowler Productions will begin accepting applications for Interns (game guides) soon. Roughly five positions will be open for people who want to help out by serving as our representatives in the game. Interns will have access to a special set of admin features and will be responsible for answering questions from new players and helping out in a number of ways. You need to have Microsoft Outlook (or similar) because you'll have an “Internt@Prowler-Pro.Com” email account and you'll need to be able to check for mail frequently. Interns will need to spend at least 10 to 15 hours a week in the game (if more, then all the better). We're only interested in players who are serious about helping us and who have a very strong knowledge of how to play the game. We're looking for responsible players only.

      Applicants will be required to sign and mail a nondisclosure and conduct agreement before becoming an Intern. Please don't email us yet. You'll just get a letter back saying we're not ready for applications yet. Simply stay tuned for more information, which should be coming this weekend.

      At this time, no salary is associated with a Lunatix Online Intern position. Interns will receive free online time, an Intern email address, and a pretty big responsibility in helping us maintain and watch the game.

[Wednesday, 12/15/1999]: New Lunatix Features!         

      A Few New Things: We've added a few things to Lunatix Online (progressive beta). The new features include channel numbers in the “Find Players Online” list, profiles available from that list, two new actions (.ROOM and .SMART), and five new emoticons (smileys)!

      Also (and this is very important) your browser must be setup now to accept “cookies” set by the game. Don't believe all the negative hype about cookies being evil. Cookies are only bad for people who like cheating or doing things they probably shouldn't be. Anyway, players rejecting the Lunatix Online cookie are automatically banned. Players tampering with or “deleting” their Lunatix Online cookie are automatically banned. If you don't know what a cookie is, don't worry. Your browser should be set up to accept them already!

      The image below shows the smileys and the keystrokes needed to create them when chatting. Keep reading though, because more news follows the image!

      Lunatix Online Newsletter: If you missed the 3rd issue of BlueSparks' Lunatix Online Newsletter, it's never too late to sign up to get the next issue. It's FREE. It's about LUNATIX. It's about stuff YOU will find useful. A sign-up form has also been created right here (see the upper part of this page, under our “P” logo). Note that BlueSparks does not spam you or sell your email address. It's just used for the newsletter, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

      What Will Follow Lunatix? If you don't know, you're either new to Lunatix Online, or you've been under a rock. :) Prowler Productions is in early development stages on StarLock. StarLock is a web-based, multiplayer sci-fi role-playing adventure game (that's a mouthful). Visit the StarLock site for all the latest news!

[Thursday, 12/2/1999]: Lunatix Newsletter         

      Sign Up! Robert Fogt is going to release another issue of the Lunatix Online email newsletter. Make sure you're on the list! Sign up at Even if you were on the list several weeks ago for the first two issues, you'll still need to sign up again since Robert tells us that the original mail list has been lost. The newsletter has traditionally contained tips and hints for playing the game, info on IGM's, and other great tidbits. Go sign up for it right now!

      Another Graphics Set: “Rhubarb” has sent in a set of replacement graphics for the monsters which are characters from Pokemon. We haven't had a chance to review the new set yet. If they're ok to use (we have to make sure, since Pokemon is under copyright I'm sure) we'll post them or the link here.

[Tuesday, 11/30/1999]: It's That Time Of Year...         

      First - The “IF” Contest: Lunatix: The Insanity Circle placed #12 (out of 37 entries) in the 1999 Interactive Fiction Competition. That's better than a kick in the head. =) To see the complete contest results, go here. A big THANKS goes out to everybody who played L:TIC (whether during beta testing, or now). The feedback has been great!

Click the picture above to download the Lunatix Christmas Graphics Replacement Set by player “Gnine.”

      Christmas Graphics: Player “Gnine” has sent in a graphics replacement set for Lunatix Online. He used our original artwork and added a christmas flavor to most of the pictures. A new ZIP file is available (click here to download - it's about 2-Meg in size). Download this file and unzip it (using WinZip or PkUnzip for Windows but NOT PkUnzip for DOS) into a directory, then inside Lunatix go to your “preferences” and set it up to use local graphics from that directory. It's easy, and then your daily Lunatix experience will become festive for the holidays!

      The Christmas Graphics set is made available exclusively to Lunatix Online at If you see these graphics being used at another site, please let us know about it, and thanks!

      Just For Fun (If You're Bored): All our Lunatix Online news from days, weeks, months (and years) gone by is still here. It's interesting to read news from those early days when the game didn't have IGM support, marriages, or even mind trip items yet. It's interesting to see how our idea matured from a few scripts and high hopes ... into the finished game you play today! To begin browsing our news archives, start at the most recent “old news” by clicking here.

[Monday, 11/15/1999]: FINALLY! IT HAS ARRIVED!!!

      But First... About the Contest: Our 3rd Lunatix Online contest was a wash-out. Only 8 people entered. One was disqualified for not following the rules, and another may actually have been a player at a different site because we can't find her at all. This is a little sad considering the dozens who responded to our poll with a resounding “YES” as encouragement to sponsor more contests. Unfortunately, this will be the last one. Nobody is interested. Those subscribers who did submit phrases for the contest have received two free months of play-time at Thanks! We may post those phrases (for fun) at a later date, so stay tuned!

      Now, the BIG News! We're finally able to release Lunatix: The Insanity Circle to the public. This is a totally free Adventure Game (interactive fiction) set in Imenz Aine. You play the role of Dr. Hammer. A cult of psychos has stolen your keys and now it's do or die to escape from your own asylum. You'll need an IBM/PC Compatible with DOS (or Windows) to play. Download ---> LUNTIC11.ZIP <--- and PkUnzip it into a directory to play. Once done, you type LUNATIX to play the game from that directory. You can also view the readme.txt for instructions on how to play.

      Here are a few scenes from Lunatix: The Insanity Circle.

      We've entered this game in the 5th annual Interactive Fiction Competition which ends today. Judging has been going on for 6 weeks now (which is why we had to wait so long before publicly releasing the game). We aren't sure how we'll do among the other 36 entries, but we're hopeful. :) When the results are in, I'll be sure to post. Wish us luck!

[Thursday, 10/28/1999]: A New Contest Is Here!

      The Top 10 List: It started out as a silly conversation in the game, but it has the makings of an interesting contest! Here's how it works. We're looking for the most original, unique, funny, or otherwise interesting things that might be overheard in Lunatix Online which would probably get you committed (or at least a few funny looks) in the “real” world.

Some examples of what we mean:

“If I don't come up with Five Million Dollars, Ghenghis Khan will thrash me!”
“I wasn't paying attention and a closet shadow killed me.”
“Ah, a pencil for $500. I forgot how cheap they were.”

The rules are simple, but please read them anyway:

  (1) You can submit up to 10 phrases.
  (2) Please don't send in existing Lunatix “actions” as a phrase.
  (3) Your entries should be contained in a single email.
  (4) The email must have the topic “LUNATIX PHRASE GAME”.
  (5) In the email, please state your Character Name.
  (6) Entries should be emailed to
  (7) We must receive your entry on or before Saturday, Novermber 13th, 1999.
  (8) The contest is open only to subscribers at
  (9) No entry fee is required.
(10) Obscene or objectionable phrases will be disqualified.

After Saturday, November 13th, judging begins:

We'll post the entries here (probably on a separate page) without names (so that who-wrote-what is fairly anonymous). Everybody who plays Lunatix at is eligible to enter (trial players, subscribers, and even people who entered phrases). The only stipulation is that you cannot vote for your own phrases (you can opt not to vote at all, if you wish).

  (1) To vote, you must select your favorite 10 phrases.
  (2) List them (in no particular order) in a single email message.
  (3) The email must have the topic “LUNATIX PHRASE VOTES”.
  (4) In the email, please state your Character Name.
  (5) Entries should be emailed to
  (6) We must receive your votes on or before Saturday, Novermber 20th, 1999.

After Saturday, November 20th, winners are announced:

We'll add up each vote a phrase gets and list the winners! The top 10 phrases will recieve a free 1-month subscription. In theory, a single person could win all 10 months (if voters happen to pick all the entries from a single person). The top 5 phrases will also receive a free resurrection (we'll bring your character back to life one time at your request). The single most popular phrase will receive 2 more months (for a total of 3) and an extra resurrection (for a total of 2).

In the event of a tie (although unlikely), we reserve the right to cast the deciding vote. In case of a problem with the rules, we have absolute authority to clarify or change them. All entries become the property of Prowler Productions.

Good luck!

[Sunday, 10/24/1999]: On The IGM Frontier...

      Merlin The Wizard: Gambit just sent in a new IGM which we've added to the game. It's “Merlin The Wizard” in which you meet the old geezer in the elevator and can ask him one question per day for a chance to win something.

Shown above is a pic from Gambit's new Lunatix IGM -- Exclusively at!

      Other IGM Improvements: Several of the IGM's have been updated so that if you've used your turn in the IGM but you enter again, you won't waste an elevator trips. The modified IGM's include all of mine and all of Gambit's. If you're an IGM author and would like information about how to fix your IGM so that players don't waste a trip if they've already used their turns, please email me at

      The Next Contest: We're still not sure what it'll be. In the past we've hosted an IGM authoring contest where we gave away $350 in cash prizes. We followed this with an “actions” contest and gave away several weeks of free memberships. Do you have any ideas on what you'd like to see as our next contest? Email if you have a great idea!

[Saturday, 10/23/1999]: Frog Racing, And Other News

      Frog Racing Is Fun! Robert Fogt, who worked with us to release the Lunatix Online IGM Developer's Kit has written a multiplayer “frog-racing” game at It's pretty fun and very addictive... and it's free. Go check it out and see how well you do.

      New Lunatix Site: “Mr.Paranoid” (one of our players) has created a Lunatix Online info and IGM support site at He plans to update the site daily, so you might want to check it out.

      Site Search Added: We've added Pro-Seek, a site search engine we're developing which is based on “SillySearch” (and used with persmission from the author). Now, you can search the Prowler Productions web site to find web pages of interest to you. Use the search box which is near the top of this page. Our official Pro-Seek home page is at but the script is running a little slow so we may not release it to the public after all (time will tell).

      The Contest Poll: Most of you have said “YES” in response to our Poll about sponsoring more contests. We're going to try to start a new contest soon (and we'll change the poll topic when we think of a new question to ask).

      Top RPG Sites: I don't know how big this place is (they seem kind of small) but we've added a button for the Top.RPG.Sites web site. We'll see how it works out and whether or not our listing on their ranking site works for us.

      My Movie Pick: (Off topic, of course). I recently went to see “Fight Club” (twice, in fact, and plan to go again). This is a must-see, although it's a movie you'll either love or hate (there is no middle ground with this one). This movie almost convinces me that Brad Pitt has some redeeming talent after all. Anyway, go see it!

[Monday, 7/26/1999]: The Prowler Poll

      Should We Have More Contests? You'll notice a new voting question on the sidebar. Should we continue to sponsor contests? In the case of our latest contest (the actions contest) it seems that some of the winners we picked weren't what might have won the “popular” vote. For instance, “.HERRING” won 3rd because it's funny how the concept of an item that has absolutely no function whatsoever is hard to digest. :) But, it appears some people didn't like it as much as I did. The “.AUTHORITY” placed in there because Cartman (a character on South Park) is great and it's a funny line from him. The “.GAME” action -- well, that one is self explanatory.
      The low entry turnout is unfortunate too. I was happy to recieve 21 entries in this one -- actually a lot better than the half dozen that appeared to be the total entries we were going to receive. Having a mere 6 entries in the IGM contest was a disappointment. This leaves us wondering if sponsoring contests is a good idea -- and if you (as players) actually enjoy them or think they're unfair. Are they fun? Are they a waste of time? Do they cause “hard feelings” after the results are in? Please vote in the poll and let us know what you think. We enjoy them, and we think they're a great way to keep things active. Vote your opinion!

      Big Daddy is an Awesome Movie! I've watched it 5 times so far. It's got to be the best thing released in quite a while. The soundtrack is great too. I LOVE “When I Grow Up,” from the soundtrack, by Garbage. This has absolutely nothing to do with Lunatix. Sorry.

[Sunday, 7/25/1999]: The Actions Contest

      Entry Period Is Over: 21 people submitted actions for the Lunatix Online Chat Actions contest. Two free days have been added to your accounts. Thanks! We received some really good entries. I've selected the five that I thought were the most fitting - the ones that made me laugh - the ones that seemed the most original. Keep in mind that even though these 5 actions are the winners, many of the other entries are definitely game-worthy and are most likely to end up in the game. We thank you for your contributions!

         1st Prize to player “KT0000” (.SPECIAL action)
         X is special
         X thinks Y is special in the “short bus” kind of way.

         2nd Prize to player “Manic” (.AUTHORITY action)
         X screams at everybody: “RESPECT MY AUTHORITY!”
         X looks at Y and says “Respect My Authority.”

         3rd Prize to player “Honey” (.HERRING action)
         X has a really cool red herring.
         X is jealous of Y's red herring.

         4th Prize to player “CrazyLady” (.TYPE action)
         X needs to learn how to type.
         X thinks Y should use both hands to type.

         5th Prize to player “BillClinton” (.GAME action)
         X smiles and calmly reminds everyone that this is JUST A GAME.
         X taps Y on the shoulder, smiles, and says “this is JUST A GAME.”

      The winning actions, plus several others, will be added to the game soon. Congratulations, and thanks for participating!

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