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Click the Lunatix Online banner to return to the LOGIC Home Page
A Web-Based Multi-Player RPG by Mike Snyder and Anna Kasl

The 1999 Lunatix IGM Contest



(1) *TEN* top prizes will be awarded as follows (monetary awards for the top 8 are payed in US Dollars only):

       1st: $150.00 (Grand Prize)
       2nd: $100.00 (Runner-Up Prize)
       3rd: $50.00 (3rd-Place Prize)
       4th: $10.00 (4th-Place Prize)
       5th: $10.00 (5th-Place Prize)
       6th: $10.00 (6th-Place Prize)
       7th: $10.00 (7th-Place Prize)
       8th: $10.00 (8th-Place Prize)
       9th: 1 Free Month (Honorable Mention Prize)
      10th: 1 Free Month (Honorable Mention Prize)

(2) Contest Entries must be received by as a WinZip-compatible file attachment no later than Friday, July 2nd, 1999.

(3) Entries will be judged by Prowler Productions and/or a selected panel of judges. The voting results are final. Results will be tallied and announced on or before Saturday, July 10th, 1999.

(4) A “Contest Submission” must be an original IGM created for Lunatix Online. Submissions must never have been released to the public in any way aside from limited, closed beta testing. The developer's kit is free and is available at the LOGIC Home Page which is at (

(5) Contest Submissions should conform to the guidelines and recommended rules of style, including the existence of an “about” screen, naming convention guidelines, multi-file for large IGM scripts, award/penalty fairness/moderation, and so forth (as described in the help file for the IGM developer's kit).

(6) Contest Submissions should be complete and bug-free. It is a good idea to have friends “beta-test” your submission before you send it to Prowler Productions. Beta testing should be limited to a small number of people (two to six).

(7) Contest IGM Submissions should be designed with the insane asylum in mind. This means that your IGM should be written as another floor of the institution, and must begin with a description of the player taking the elevator to this new floor or area.

(8) Contest Submissions should not include any “cheats” or “back-door” features which would in any way unbalance or compromise the fairness of Lunatix Online.

(9) Contest authors should have a good working knowledge of Lunatix Online, its play-style, theme, and balance.

(10) Contest authors should be members of Lunatix Online, in good standing, with no violation of the game rules. This does not mean that contest authors must be subscribers -- however, it is very unlikely that the two-week trial period for new members will be sufficient for learning the game and developing an IGM for the contest, and the creation of a new trial account after one has expired is a violation of the Lunatix Online rules.

(11) Contest entries may be discussed at the discretion of the Contest authors. Remember that a good entry is unique, and you may not wish other people to “borrow” your ideas. However, getting programming tips by using the N-E-Ware Forum for Lunatix Online is probably a safe idea. (In prior contests sponsored by Prowler Productions, discussion of contest entries prior to the end of the contest was prohibited due to the possibility of pre-contest opinions formed by peers who would be involved in judging. This contest does not include open voting.)

(12) Only one Contest Entry per person will be accepted -- so make it count! Prowler Productions is looking for the best IGM's, based on a variety of criteria including the “fun” factor, fairness and complexity.

(13) Any entry may be disqualified at the discretion of the Prowler Productions judges. This will likely only occur in the event of a contest rules violation, but is not limited to such.

(14) Contest Entries MUST include a file called “entry.txt” (which you can create using any standard text editor, including the IGM editor if you like). This file must include the following information:

    Your Real Name
    Your Lunatix Character Name
    A statement indicating that you have read and understand the rules
    IGM Description/Info, including which script file “begins” it
    At least one phone number where you may be reached if necessary
    Your complete mailing address (necessary for awarding of prizes)

Entries which do not include this “entry.txt” file containing all the necessary information will be disqualified automatically.

(15) Mike Snyder, Anna Kasl, and Steven Tucker (Prowler Productions staff) may not enter the contest. All others (except where prohibited by other rules) are eligible.

(16) Prowler Productions reserves the right to modify these contest rules in any way, at any time prior to the end of the submission period (July 2nd, 1999), without prior notice. This includes, but is not limited to, the addition, deletion, or revision of any rules. Unless otherwise stated, any such modifications should be considered retroactive.