So you want to write a D-Mod?

You love Dink. You love the D-Mods. You have ideas just waiting to come alive in the world of Dink Smallwood. Within you is the ability and desire to create the best, most adventurous D-Mod the world has ever seen. There is only one problem...

Where do you begin?

First, take a look at what's already out there. Get a feel for what others have done. Play a few D-Mods. See what good things... and what mistakes... other authors have already made.

Next, begin thinking of your idea. I STRONGLY recommend keeping a close eye on the Dink Chronography which is a "timeline" that myself and others are maintaining. The timeline chronicles the life and times of Dink by detailing the order in which each D-Mod "takes place." Check out the chronography, and try to get an idea of where your D-Mod would fit on the timeline. This helps create the illusion of one big Dink world.

Now, begin your D-Mod. Even if it's something simple, such as Scar of David for my first effort. Read the DINKC.TXT file that was included on the CD. Look over TUT1.TXT as well, which was also included on the CD.

If you need a jumpstart, download my D-Mod Skeleton which can be used as the base for beginning your D-Mod. It's a simple D-Mod with one empty room to start in and a sample title screen you can change!

The Dink documentation isn't complete. Because of some bugs and other omissions in the text, you're bound to have a slew of problems -- and questions. Because many things are so commonly asked, I've compiled a FAQ of "freqently asked questions" for new D-Mod authors. The FAQ doesn't attempt to explain everything about writing a D-Mod, but it certainly covers many of the frustrating problems new D-Mod authors come up against when getting started.

DINKC.TXT, TUT1.TXT, and the DMOD FAQ are bound to leave a few things unanswered. For this reason, I've created a Forum (select the Author's Forum) for questions and answers about developing D-Mods for Dink. Chances are, if you have a question, somebody has or can get the answer. Who knows... you even become an old pro and help out others!

If no amount of advice and documentation can cover everything, you'll probably want some source code. Among the Dink source itself, I've released the Intro code to Dink's Doppelganger. I will probably add more source code soon. It can really help to see actual Dink-C code in use!

So, what are you waiting for? Dink Smallwood is likely to be the next big developer's craze! Get in on the ground floor before the world is flooded with D-Mods. Be able to look back and say "hey... I was one of the original developers!"

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Last update to this page: Sunday, June 14th, 1998