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The first-ever Dink Smallwood D-Mod Competition!
Entries will be accepted from June 9th, 1998 to July 2nd, 1998. Hurry!
Before you read the rules, let me take a moment to welcome you to the first-ever D-Mod-Comp. This is being sponsored in the spirit of FUN, and to encourage more creativity (and more D-Mods)! If you don't enjoy friendly competition, then this isn't for you (you might want to be a judge, though).

Everybody has an equal chance. Votes are averaged, not totalled, to provide a composite score for each entry. I think this is going to be a lot of fun for everybody involved, as long as everybody keeps it fun.

I decided against basing the contest on a minimum number of entrants. If dozens of people enter, that's great! If only 1 person enters... you'll automatically win $200. There will be no minimum or maximum set to the number of entries that will be accepted.

Lastly, don't think large-scale unless you can finish it in the short time given. Do as much as you can in the short time given, but please don't plan something so large that you can't possibly finish it in time. It can be as large or small as you want, but just remember that your game will be voted on by each judge after 2 hours of play. Your game could be a 10-day epic, but it's the first 2 hours that count. If you make it really big, or have things you wish the judge to see which might not be normally obtainable in 2 hours, consider including a walkthrough (although this is at your discretion, a walkthrough is not required).


  • 1st prize of $100 is being donated by Seth Robinson, the CREATOR of Dink Smallwood. What a guy!!!!
  • 2nd prize of $65 is being donated by Mike Snyder.
  • 3rd prize of $35 is being donated by Mike Snyder.
  • Top three winners will receive a Dink Smallwood CD, donated by RtSoft -- give it to a friend!
  • ... and (drumroll please) “Bragging Rights” go to the top places. (But don't go overboard).


  • No entry fee is required to participate, however, all entrants MUST own a legitimate copy of Dink on CD.
  • The staff of RTSoft (Seth Robinson, et. al.) and N-E-Ware (Mike Snyder) are not eligible to enter.
  • D-Mods must be emailed to Mike Snyder on or before Thursday, July 2nd, 1998, to be eligible.
  • (added 6/10/98) If you cannot email your entry, other arrangements must be made BEFORE the deadline.
  • You may not enter any D-Mod which you started creating in any way (even if on paper) prior to the contest.
  • Only new, original D-Mods will be accepted, as implied by the above rule.
  • (added 6/10/98) D-Mods do not have to be restricted to the stock graphics/sounds. Add new ones if you wish.
  • (added 6/10/98) Entries may be designed for any version of the Dink engine, but should work with the latest.
  • Entries CANNOT be released to the public until official judging begins.
  • Beta testing is allowed (and encouraged) but keep it limited to 2 or 3 playtesters.
  • (added 6/10/98) A D-Mod entry may be authored by 1 person or a team of people, not to exceed 4.
  • Only one entry per person or team will be allowed -- so make it count!
  • No size limitation will be imposed on D-Mods, however, keep these points in mind:
    Judges should record a vote for a given D-Mod after no more than 2 hours of play time. This doesn't mean your D-Mod must be finishable in 2 hours, but it might be a good idea. At the end of 2 hours, if a judge has not completed your D-Mod, a score MUST be counted (the judge can continue playing after that if he/she wishes, but a score must already be given). Also, your time to create your entry is limited, so instead of trying to write a huge D-Mod without much content, it might be better to write a smaller D-Mod with a really good story and great content. It's up to you -- write it however you feel.
  • Authors keep the copyrights to thier respective entries. We don't want to own your game.
  • Entries must be entirely FREEWARE.
  • However, your entry (if you wish) can be the “first part” of a D-Mod you sell.
  • The above two requirements are only to insure that judges won't have to purchase your game to vote on it.
  • Your entry should have an ending. The contents are entirely up to you.
  • Authors cannot discuss their entries in any public forum prior to the end of judging.
  • However, generalized questions about Dink-C and D-Mod programming are always welcomed.
  • Discussions about the contest itself are also ok -- just no talk about specific entries.


  • (added 6/10/98) Any Dink Player is eligible to vote, with the following three conditions:
  • Judges MUST own the full CD version of Dink Smallwood. If you do not, your vote will not be counted.
  • The staff of RTSoft (Seth Robinson, et. al.), N-E-Ware (Mike Snyder), and all entrants are not eligible.
  • (added 6/10/98) Beta testers can submit scores, but cannot vote on the game they tested.
  • Judging begins on or around July 4th.
  • Judges must play each entry for 2 hours, or until winning, whichever comes first.
  • (added 6/10/98) This is 2 hours straight - only begin playing when you'll have a full 2 hours in one sitting.
  • At the end of 2 hours or winning, the judge must record a score for the entry.
  • (added 6/10/98) Judges should play as many entries as they are able during the time, using the 2-hour rule.
  • (added 6/10/98) A judge can submit scores for as many or few games as necessary as noted by above rule.
  • (added 6/10/98) In short, if you don't have time to play them all, you don't have to score them all.
  • Scores must be from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest possible and 1 being the lowest.
  • Scores to 1 decimal precision, if needed, will be accepted (6.5, 9.2, 7.0, and so forth).
  • (added 6/10/98) Scores per game are averaged to get the total -- not summed. This keeps it fair.
  • Entries absolutely CAN NOT be discussed in any public forum prior to the end of voting.
  • Authors found discussing entries in public will be disqualified.
  • Others found discussing entries in public will be disqualified from judging.
  • Only ONE vote per game per person will be counted. Suspected “multiple” voting will be investigated.
  • (added 6/10/98) All games you had time to vote on should be scored in the same email, when you are done.
  • Scores must be emailed to Mike Snyder on or before Friday, July 10th.
  • Every vote MUST be accompanied by a REAL NAME, valid email address, and valid phone number.
  • The above information will NOT be used, accept in the event that a vote must be verified.
  • Entries should be scored at the judge's discretion -- the focus is on how much you enjoyed it!

    These rules are not set in stone, but they will not change unless absolutely necessary. In the event that something is unclear or needs to be modified, this can and will be done. However, every effort will be taken not to turn the rules upside down and cause problems for contest D-Mods already in development. Check the Dink Smallweb often for the latest contest notes.

    Time is extremely limited. If you want to enter, now is the time to start! If you have additional questions, email me ( with them.

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