A 'Simon' type memory game by Robert Fogt
Hosted by Prowler-Productions

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Add Skulls to your web page.

Games are a great way to keep visitors coming back for more. Increasing the content on your site will increase the number of visitors.

Some of the benefits of Skulls

  • Absolutely Free to you and your visitors.
  • Skulls opens in a new window and the loading page returns back to your site, making it look just like the game is hosted on your site.
  • Skulls is hosted by Prowler-Productions, a dedicated gaming site. You waste no bandwidth and hard drive space.
  • No Registration. You or your visitors will never have to 'sign-up' just to play the game.
  • Minimal advertisements. Less than 10% of the game screen has been bookmarked for ads. Currently there are no ads in Skulls


It is very simple to add skulls to your web page. Just create a link to the following url:
(The link will return the visitor back to your page after the game loads)


If you want to create a text link, you would use code such as this: (just copy and paste it)

<a href="http://www.prowler-pro.com/bluesparks/skulls/playskulls.cgi">Play Skulls</a>

If you want to create a graphic link, you would use code such as this:
(replace 'imagename.jpg' with the name of the image)

<a href="http://www.prowler-pro.com/bluesparks/skulls/playskulls.cgi"><img

Here are several images you may use.  Do not link directly to them. Right-Click on them and select 'Save Picture As' to save them to your hard drive.

skulls156x60.gif (9862 bytes)   skulls37x47.gif (2271 bytes)  skulls75x33_1.gif (2912 bytes)  skulls75x33_2.gif (3579 bytes)  logo.jpg (2400 bytes)

If you need help adding Skulls to your web page.  You may E-Mail Me for help.

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